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Webduino = WebComponents + Arduino

BPI:bit Webduino

How to :Use BPI:bit with webduino

webduino refer to the tutorial

  • BPI:bit Through the photosensitive resistors built into Webduino Bit on the left and right sides, it is easy to determine which side the gesture comes from
code link:https://bit.ly/2lFNeYL
demo : https://www.facebook.com/oxxo.studio/videos/10216710024566280/?t=9
  • Using Webduino Bit nine shaft sensor "attitude Angle" + full color dot matrix, simple implementation ~ ^_^ interesting effects
code link: https://bit.ly/2MAhHTF
demo : https://www.facebook.com/oxxo.studio/videos/10216709482752735/?t=20