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Banana Pi BPI-M7 with Rockchip RK3588 chip design
Banana Pi BPI-W3 with Rockchip RK3588 chip design
RK3588 LGA BGA core board with Rockchip RK3588
BPI-RK3588 Core board and development Kit Gold finger interface core board
BPI-RK3588 BPI-RK3588 Core board and development Kit Stamp hole Core board and development Kit
Banana Pi BPI-R2 Pro Rockchip RK3568 design

Banana Pi BPI-M7 with Rockchip RK3588, 8/16/32G,RAM 64/128G eMMC,wifi6 support . 2x2.5G port ,1xHDMIout ,2x USB3.0,2xTYPE-C,2x MIPI CSI interface and 1x MIPI DSI interface, 1x M.2 KEY M interface,40 PIN GPIO ,Mini size just 92x62mm.

Key Features

  • PI-co ITX form factor(2.5 inch, 92 x 62mm)
  • RK3588 powered, 8nm manufacturing process
Quad A76 2.4Ghz + Quad A55 1.8Ghz
Mali G610MC4 GPU(up to 5 channel 4K UI)
8K 10bit decoder, 8K encoder
  • Support WiFi 6 and BT5.2
  • Support PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe SSD
  • Triple display support(with HDR)
  • One HDMI 2.1 up to 8K@60FPS
  • One USB C with DP up to 8K@30FPS
  • One MIPI DSI up to 4K@60fps
  • Two 2.5G Ethernet
  • 2x USB 3.0 interface
  • 2x MIPI CSI camera interface
  • Offer 8GB/16GB/32GB(LPDDR4x) ram options and 64/128 eMMC options

Getting Start

Getting Started BPI-M7


Hardware interface

Banana Pi BPI-M7 interface.jpg

Hardware spec

HardWare Specification of Banana pi BPI-M7
SOC RockChip RK3588
CPU RK3588 Quad-Core Cortex-A76@ 2.4GHz+Quad-CoreCortex-A55@ 1.8GHz,8nm process
GPU GPU Mali-G610 MP4 (4x256KB L2 Cache) Supports OpenGL ES3.2/OpenCL2.2/Vulkan1.1
NPU 6 TOPS@INT8(3 NPU core)
Supports INT4/INT8/INT16 mixed computing
Supports frameworks like TensorFlow, MXNet, PyTorch, Caffe, Tflite, Onnx NN, Android NN, etc
VPU/Codec Hardware Decode: 8K@60fps H.265/VP9/AVS2、 8K@30fps H.264 AVC/MVC、 4K@60fps AV1、1080P@60fps MPEG-2/-1/VC-1/VP8
Hardware Encode:8K@30fps H.265 / H.264
ISP Integrated 48MP ISP with HDR&3DNR
RAM 8GB/16GB/32GB(max 32GB )64bit LPDDR4/LPDDR4x,default 8GB LPDDR4x
Flash 32GB/64GB/128GB eMMC,default 64GB eMMC,Supports MicroSD card expansion
PCIe 1x M.2 Key M (PCIe 3.0 4-lanes). Expandable SSD support for 2280/2260/2242/2230 M.2 SSD cards, default 2280
Networking 2x 2.5G Ethernet
Onboard IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax WIFI6 and BT5 (AP6275P)
Video Out 1x HDMI 2.1, supports 8K@60fps
1x MIPI DSI up to 4K@60fps
1x DP 1.4 up to 8K@30fps
Video In 2x 2-lane MIPI CSI, up to 2.5Gbps per lane
Audio 1x HDMI audio out
1x HP audio out
1x Type-C 3.1 (DP1.4) audio out
USB 1x USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1), equivalent to USB 3.2 Gen 1/USB 3.0, up to 5Gbps
1x USB Type-C 3.1(DP1.4/OTG)
1x USB 2.0 High(480Mbps)/Full(12Mbps)/Low-Speed(1.5Mbps) modes
40-pin Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi 40-pin header for connecting abundant add-on modules
Supports UART/SPI/I2C/I2S/PWM/ADC/5V Power/3.3V Power
Other 1x 5V fan interface
1x battery connector for low power RTC chip HYM8563TS
2x LEDs - blue LED blinks on system start, red LED user controllable
Power Input USB Type-C PD 2.0, 9V/2A, 12V/2A, 15V/2A
Buttons 1x PWRON button for sleep/wake,1x Reset button for reboot,1x Maskrom button for maskrom burn-in mode
OS Support Official: :Android 12.0,Debian11,Buildroot
3rd Party:Armbian,Ubuntu 20.04,Ubuntu22.04,Kylin OS
Dimensions 92 mm x 62mm
Operating temperature 0℃ ~ 80℃

Case design

Banana Pi BPI-M7 Case 1.jpg


Source code


  • BPI-M7 Component diagram
Baidu Cloud: (pincode:8888)
Google Drive:
  • BPI-M7 2D CAD
Baidu Cloud: (pincode:8888)
Google Drive:
  • BPI-M7 Schematic
Baidu Cloud: (pincode:8888)
Google Drive:
  • Rockchip RK3588 datasheet
Baidu cloud: (pincode:8888)
Google drive:

Image Release




  • ubuntu-22.04.3-preinstalled-desktop-arm64-bpi-m7_armsom-sige7.img-20240131
Baidu Cloud: (pincode:8888)
Google drive:
  • ubuntu-22.04.3-preinstalled-server-arm64-bpi-m7_armsom-sige7.img-20240131
Baidu Cloud: (pincode:8888)
Google drive:


  • BPI-M7_armsom-sige7-debian-bullseye-xfce4-arm64-20240129
Baidu cloud: (pincode:8888)
Google drive:


(Bookworm CLI, minimal, Jammy Gnome, Cinammon, i3, KDE Neon, KDE Plasma)

  • Armbian-unofficial_24.5.0-trunk_BPI-M7_Armsom-sige7_jammy_legacy_5.10.160_gnome_desktop.img
Baidu cloud: (pincode:8888)
Google drive:

BPI-M7 Tools

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