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Overview: BPI-Bit
BPI-UNO32 with ESP32 design
Overview: BPI:bit for Webduino

About webduino

Webduino = WebComponents + Arduino


Webduino working model

  • 1 use WebComponents integration Breakout.
  • 2 use WebSocket(Firmata) to interacting with the server.
  • 3 Server use TCP/IP(Firmata) to control webduino terminal.

Webduino 1.png

Webduino project VS Arduino and micro:bit project

Webduino project VS Arduino and micro:bit project
item compared Webduino Arduino Micro:bit
development language HTML/JavaScript C/C++ Python/JavaScript
development environment WEB browser Arduino IDE JavaScript Blocks
Simulator Webduino Simulator Third-party support Microsoft MakeCode
graphical programming Wbduino blockly Third-party Scratch Blockly
Cloud Server webduino cloud N/A N/A
attended mode WiFi USB USB
Update the program web online update USB burn USB disk

Webduino source code on github

More webduino function now is open source , and code update to github.


How to power the Bit:bit board

Board a total of three power supply, you can choose one

  • 1,USB cable power supply, bit board design has a Micro USB interface, in daily life wire is relatively common, it is quite convenient to use.
Bit power 1.jpg
  • 2,Power is supplied through 2Pin battery socket, which can supply power to the board through lithium battery, battery pack, etc. The interface has anti-stay design, and there is no need to worry about the problem of inverting the power supply
Bit power 2.jpg
  • 3,Through the goldfinger power supply, the lower end of the board goldfinger contains a power interface, while both input and output functions, compatibility is very high.
Bit power 3.jpg

Webduino firmware programming

How to burn webduino firmware

bpi:bit has been programmed Webduino firmware by default. Only when you reprogram the flash with other firmware, will you need to program Webduino firmware again.

How to : Webduino firmware programming

Webduino OTA Cloud upgrade

BPI:bit for webduino support OTA cloud upgrade , it is easy to use this function to update newest version.

power on bit ,Press the A button when flash white light, unpress A booton when when the green light is on, so start to update.

Webduino ota.jpg

Initialization of Webduino Bit

Initialization of Webduino Bit:https://www.webduino.com.cn/site/en/docs/setting.html

if you can connect BPI:Bit to internet ,so you can use webduino blockly to use webduino all functions.

Web:bit offline education version

software download

download link : https://github.com/BPI-STEAM/BPI-BIT-Webduino/releases please download the newest version., and one key to install

web:bit offline education version support auto upgrade.When you start it, it updates automatically


online documents

online doucments: https://doc.bpi-steam.com/en/latest/bpi-web/tutorials/index.html, we will keep update.

Webduino online Blockly and simulator

  • Webduino Blockly and simulator

Blockly en wiki .png

Webduino online Blockly (english): https://bit.webduino.com.cn/blockly/?lang=en

Webduino online Blockly (chinese) https://bit.webduino.io/blockly/?lang=zh-hant

Quick start BPI:bit with Webduino Blockly and simulator


Get to know Webduino Blockly Bit

Get to know Webduino Blockly Bit :https://www.webduino.com.cn/site/en/docs/blockly.html

Webduino Cloud

Webduino cloud platform provides your complete Internet of things services. You can update and operate various iot devices through platform management.


webduino refer to the tutorial

  • BPI:bit Through the photosensitive resistors built into Webduino Bit on the left and right sides, it is easy to determine which side the gesture comes from
code link:https://bit.ly/2lFNeYL
demo : https://www.facebook.com/oxxo.studio/videos/10216710024566280/?t=9
  • Using Webduino Bit nine shaft sensor "attitude Angle" + full color dot matrix, simple implementation ~ ^_^ interesting effects
code link: https://bit.ly/2MAhHTF
demo : https://www.facebook.com/oxxo.studio/videos/10216709482752735/?t=20

Online tutorials