BPI-KVM with Rockchip RK3568 for KVM over IP design

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Banana Pi BPI-W3 with Rockchip RK3588


Banana Pi BPI-KVM KVM over IP Industrial control gateway design with Rockchip RK3568. BPI-KVM is an IP KVM device designed for remote monitoring and control of industrial devices. It can connect the video, mouse, and keyboard of the industrial control computer of the production line machine to the remote console over a network to realize remote management of the machine. The device also provides a port for connecting to the local console. Supports local management of machines.

To improve connection availability, BPI-KVM uses dual network ports to ensure effective use of the system.BPI-KVM also provides optional wireless access and supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 communication protocol.

BPI-KVM supports a variety of video interface specifications, including VGA, HDMI, DVI, DP, and USB and traditional PS/2 mouse and keyboard interfaces, which can easily connect various types of workstations and industrial computers, reduce the need for various peripheral protocol conversion accessories and connection cables, and reduce the complexity of installation and maintenance. Makes the site cleaner and helps improve the overall stability of the system.

The BPI-KVM provides two RS-232 and two RS-485 serial communication interfaces. With the support of the interface communication protocol, you can flexibly control more external devices through the device connected to the RS485/RS232 serial port. In addition, the iKVM also provides 4 digital input and 1 digital output interface, which can be used to access the three-color lamp circuit of the product machine to obtain the status information of the machine simultaneously; Access Permission Control (Interlock) button interface is also available, supporting near & remote control permissions when enabling or disabling.

Key Features

  • Compact and lightweight design to save space;
  • supports a variety of video interface specifications, including VGA, HDMI, DVI, DP, USB and traditional PS/2 mouse and keyboard interface, compatible with various interfaces of the machine;
  • Powerful video codec capability, support dynamic bit rate adjustment, strengthen fps(frames per second), provide high-quality video display, video transmission more smooth;
  • built-in independent computing module, can carry some lightweight calculation at the edge, such as edge detection, fault identification, etc., expand the application of AI intelligent algorithms;
  • universal application processor, can be flexibly equipped with other applications;
  • High reliability design, support DDR and CPU Cache full link ECC;
  • provides high-speed RS-232 interface and RS-485 interface;
  • The local control terminal supports USB keyboard and mouse operation;
  • two built-in 10/100/1000 Mbps network adapters provide LAN redundancy or dual IP operation
  • supports multiple platform server environments: Windows, Mac, Sun, Linux, and VT100 serial devices


Hardware inerface

Banana Pi BPI-KVM interface.jpg

Hardware spec

BPI-KVM HardWare Specification
Soc Rockchip RK3568 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A55 CPU 2GHz
GPU Mali-G52 1-Core-2EE OpenGL ES3.2 Vu1kn 1.1 OpenCL 2.0
eMMC 16G eMMC flash
Local controller Port 1*VIDEO (HDMI/VGA/DVI/DP) 2*USB2.0 Type A 2*PS/2
network 2 * giga RJ45 port
serial port 2*RS232 1*RS485
Virtual Media 1*USB3.0 Type A
Digital IO port Digital IO input*4 digital IO output*1
control 1*PS/2
Power 1*DC slot
Mouse/keyboard USB,PS/2
Sizes 16.00 x 12.50 x 3.15 cm
Weight 600g

Interface topology

Banana Pi BPI-KVM 5.png


BSP source code

PiKVM support

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IKAS total solutions

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  • 1,Banana Pi community provides the hardware, as well as the source code of the BSP software, on which users can develop their own applications
  • 2,We work closely with ikasinfo to provide total solutions to our customers

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