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The Python IDE is the official realease by the Python Software Foundation.

You can download the latest version of Python via the python official website for your system.

This following guide is done on MacOS.

First, navigate to the python official website.

Second, download latest Python version.

Micropython operating env 16.png

Go through the installation process and you should have Python installed on your Mac.

Micropython operating env 17.png


Thonny is an open source IDE for learning Python programming. It contains practical features for beginners to get started with Python or MicroPython programming. Follow the steps below to install Thonny via the terminal app.

For intermediate users, we would still recommend using Thonny IDE as it provides a better user experience and more practical features.

The following installation is done on MacOS Terminal.

pip3 install thonny

Micropython operating env 18.png

This command line will update Thonny if you need it.

pip3 install -U thonny

Micropython operating env 19.png


Micropython operating env 20.png

Alternatively, you can download and install the application version via the Thonny official website.

Connect Board to PC

Once launching Thonny, navigate to 'Thonny options' to select the proper interpreter and ports for your ESP32 development board.

Micropython operating env 23.png

Then choose the proper port correspond to the development board.

Micropython operating env 24.png

Click the 'stop' button once to refresh.

Micropython operating env 25.png

You should now see your ESP device listed on the bottom left corner.

Micropython operating env 26.png