How to get the log information for Banana Pi board

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  • Video for how to get the log information of Banana Pi board (The baud rate of BPI-R2 PRO and BPI-W3 is 1500000, other boards' baud rate is 115200)


1.A BPI development board, a TTL serial port cable, and an SD/TF card with a burned image (it can also be burned to eMMC).
2.MobaXterm download :


Next, use BPI-M5 as a demonstration.
1.Open MobaXterm, then click on Session in the upper left corner and select Serial.
Log export-1.jpg
Log export-2.jpg

2. Connect one end of the TTL cable to the computer
TTL cable connection-1.jpg
Insert the development board at the other end. (RX and TX need to be connected in reverse, VCC does not need to be connected)
TTL cable connection-2.jpg

3. Select the port at the Serial port, select the baud rate at Speed (bps), and then click OK.
(Most development boards for BPI are 115200, with only BPI-R2 Pro and BPI-W3 being 1500000)
Log export-3.jpg
4. Plug in the power to the board and start it
Power On.jpg
5. Development board startup completed, enter account password
Log export-4.jpg
6. After completing the operation you want, you can now export the log.
Click on Terminal in the upper left corner, then click on Save terminal tsxt
Log export-5.jpg
Select the save location and change the save type to Plain Text File
Log export-6.png

7. Open the location you saved to see the log file.