Banana pi at Beijing Maker Faire 2017-08-15

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August summer, wancheng air lane.After seven months of careful preparation, the world’s coolest maker event has landed at Beijing’s millennium monument on August 11-13, 2017 at 10:00-18:00 to open to the public.200 a guest booths, more than 600 people and organizations, 8000 ㎡ area at play,

BPI makerfaire 2017 2.jpg

This activity is divided into four subject plate: a guest bazaar called in from around the world every innovation individual guest, top team, innovation enterprise of the university and have the attitude of nearly 200 booth, display includes art design, the innovation science and technology, the traditional hand made, and nearly all works in the field of education and so on.The zero distance feels the charm of innovative technology, face-to-face and creative communication and communication.

BPI makerfaire 2017 11.jpg

Banana pi team show all banana pi product at Beijing Maker Faire 2017

BPI makerfaire 2017 3.jpg

Banana pi BPI-M2 Berry , BPI-M2 Zero,BPI-R2 attending the exhibition for the first time. Has attracted a lot of fans’ attention

BPI makerfaire 2017 4.jpg

Now ,banana pi have single board computer product line ,smart router product line, IoT product line

BPI makerfaire 2017 5.jpg

Makers can use it to do all sorts of cool applications

BPI makerfaire 2017 6.jpg

The BPI 4.0 customization service can quickly help users to complete their products when the maker makes the product prototype

BPI makerfaire 2017 7.jpg

We will keep releasing more new products, so stay tuned

BPI makerfaire 2017 12.jpg