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BPI 4.0 Server Successful case
Typical cases:MultiQB Home multimedia gateway
Typical cases:KANO Pixel Kit for STEAM education
Typical cases:3G Information security terminal

the BiPai technology created "Banana Pi" open source hardware series development board.Complete the core system, platform architecture.The documentation, software, and hardware (including schematics) are all out in the open, with the goal of engaging all developers around the world.Working on the open source community has had a huge impact.Now Banana Pi open source hardware products have been sold to more than 170 countries around the world, attracting millions of developers to participate in the development, the BPI open source community has accumulated nearly 60 million developer visits, the mainstream open source community began to officially support Banana Pi open source hardware products..After seven years of development, Banana Pi open source hardware has formed four series: single-board computer series, intelligent router series, AI artificial intelligence development board series, IoT development board series.It provides more than 400 configurations and supports nearly 200 typical business applications.



In an era of globalization, the world is becoming more interconnected through technological advances.As the benefits of integrated systems are more and more understood, innovation in the smart environment is gradually promoted.The popularity of smart phones and their high-touch support make it easier to build applications that connect sensors to objects.The Internet of Things is becoming more and more sophisticated in order to enable The convergence of technologies so that anything can be connected to any project and anyone using any path/network and any service, anytime, anywhere.

After more than seven years of development, the Banana Pi open source community's hardware technology, and the software system slowly improved.Now we have developed nearly 60 open source hardware series products and more than 200 accessories, forming a full series of hardware series for Internet of things applications, including ARM master control, MCU master control, nb-iot standard protocol (Zigbee, z-wave,RoLA, Wifi, bluetooth,3G/4G/5G). Banana Pi series hardware supports hundreds of sensors.And hardware series, due to the support developers around the world, has accumulated a large number of software code, documents and other technical data, with the support of the global developer, all of the hardware platform, interconnection, developers can completely with banana Pi development board series, complete all the IoT IoT application development, technical validation and product prototype, and all of the software is based on open source.In this way, the BPI open source community has completed the accumulation of hardware and software iot technology overall solution technology.

Banana Pi Open Source software and hardware architecture

Open source community, is a developer of spontaneous for learning and development, and according to the personal interests to share, how to the real form the overall technology system, still need than send the r&d team on the basis of development of science and technology, technology demonstration and technical summary, embedded development, need a good understanding of the underlying technology, it is a lot of developers do not have, so any one product, we need professional and technical personnel and chip factory, working more closely with the open source community. Cooperation with fab, based on the chip manufacturers provide reference solution, than must carry on the deep development of science and technology, hardware validation, the underlying driver development, must by core than send technicians to work closely with the original factory, finally formed a complete BSP development kit, and fully open source, continuously improve the technical architecture. Developers and business clients can easily use these data, code for DIY and product prototype development, shorten the development cycle.

Github Source Code

With the variety of products in the Internet of things, we must also take advantage of this trend. We use the Github service, which is mostly used by open source software, and all the code is available on Github:


Banana Pi open source project github:

Technical exchange forum

Each project has its own discussion area, where we can communicate with users immediately and listen to their experiences.The difference between the forum and the general line is that there will be a lot of people in the forum to share their own creative products developed or share their own developed code, to reach a point of action, so that the later into the field of novice can immediately start, to share innovative new thinking.


Banana Pi Open Source project forum:

Ftp download

Another important aspect of Banana Pi Open source architecture is that the hardware wiring diagram for each of our projects will be Open and will be placed on our own FTP Server, where you can see the different images that allow developers to choose the operating system they want to develop.


Banana Pi FTP server:

Online wiki documents

It also takes advantage of the use of wikis, a hypertext system that is open on the world wide web and can be written by multiple people. It was first developed by ward Cunningham in 1995. Ward Cunningham defines a wiki as "a social computing system that allows a group of users to create and connect to a group of web pages using a simple description." But some argue that a Wiki system is a network of human knowledge that allows people to browse, create, and change Wiki text on the web at a much lower cost than HTML text. At the same time, the Wiki system also supports collaborative writing for the community, providing the necessary assistance for collaborative writing. Taking advantage of this advantage of wikis, peeptech has asked developers around the world to work together to develop the document base of the BananaPI so that they can take advantage of the power of open source and quickly write the right documents and languages to enrich and diversify the open source ecosystem. Both Chinese and English versions are available.


Banana Pi wiki online documents:

With these infrastructures, the entire open source ecosystem of the Internet of things can be built and the integration of the entire Internet of things product technology scheme can be completed. This is how you really move from open source hardware to production-level development. Develop a complete product level solution for business customers

OEM&ODM terminal products

The Internet of things products have an extremely wide application environment and rich product categories. From the design of a product's application scenario to the landing of specific product applications, it requires the whole process of design, development, production, certification, supply chain management, shipment, and quality assurance services, which are highly professional. Therefore, after the completion of the construction of the whole open source ecosystem of the Internet of things, this only provides a relatively complete solution from the technology. For commercial customers, it is important to quickly form their own products, and provide cost-effective cost advantages, quickly launched into the market.

Banana Pi With a team of more than 10 years of embedded development, 10,000 square meters of professional SMT plants,More than 10 years of communication product development and production, supply chain management experience.On this basis, provide BPI 4.0 customized services.It has served more than 200 business clients worldwide and formed a large number of BPI 4.0 success cases.To provide customers with demand analysis, hardware design, software development, production, supply chain management, certification one-stop services.。

Banana Pi boards customization services

If you want your banana pie to fit your specific purpose, or to reduce the cost of mass production, you'll be in the right place. We provide custom services for banana pie, such as removing/adding headers or connectors, changing component layout, adding/removing components, changing interfaces, etc.

ODM customization services

You only have one idea, and want to make your idea come true, just need you to put forward the demand, give us the software and hardware specifications you want, our professional team will complete the demand design, device selection, software and hardware design, mass production, certification services for you. Let your creativity quickly form the product.

OEM customization services

If you already have a product prototype and want to mass produce it, you only need to provide the production BOM, PCB design materials, prototype, we will help you to optimize.And mass production, ensure that the products conform to CE,FCC,RoHS certification.Get your product to market quickly.

Successful case

Banana Pi team professional ability

Professional development team

Banana Pi has a professional research and development team, focusing on ARM architecture, MCU, IoT software and hardware development, team members have more than 10 years of embedded software, hardware development experience, can provide professional product evaluation, specification, software and hardware development. And has the innovation technology research and development center in songshan lake. Serve global customers.


Bipai technology dongguan songshan lake headquarters and innovative technology research and development center

SinoVoip Professional SMT factory production line

The customer only needs to provide the hardware requirement specification and the software requirement specification, we will carry out the hardware selection, optimize the design, quickly provide samples, the entire delivery period is controlled within 45 days, and synchronously complete all the tests of mass production, quickly enter the mass production stage. Help customers optimize the supply chain, provide cost-effective products, and cooperate with customers to complete the product certification and import and export qualification certification of all countries. Get the product to market quickly.

Banana pi factory 1.JPG

Professional supply chain management

Through more than 10 years of development, we have a mature supply chain management system. To provide customers with cost-effective products and services.

Banana Pi partners

The Internet of things is a huge market with a scale of one trillion. With the Internet of everything, products are abundant and diverse, and technologies are demanding. All standards must be interconnected, which requires enterprises to have an open mind and the ability to integrate resources quickly. The open source ecology of the Internet of things of Banana Pi technology is just to create an open, integrated and orderly competitive market form, in which large companies and start-ups share the work and complement each other's resources. This is the driving force behind the development of the Internet of things industry.