Banana Pi introduction at ARM Innovator Asia Tour in Taipei on 2018-06-08

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This was a series of events co-organized by Arm,in 5 cities in Asia,Taipei, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai,and Shenzhen.Thanks for ARM invitation, we(Banana Pi) really happy to join the Taipie events on Friday 8th June.and Banana PI was introduced at the meeting.

Arm taipie 6.jpg

we also seize the opportunity to show open-source ideas, projects, and products as well,Banana Pi get much attention.

Arm taipie 5.jpg

Justin introduced banana PI open source project .

Arm taipie 8.jpg

Arm taipie 7.jpg

Arm taipie 9.jpg

Arm taipie 15.jpg

Justin introduced banana PI IoT smart home development program

Arm taipie 13.jpg

Justin introduced banana PI STEAM education development program

Arm taipie 14.jpg

Justin introduced BPI 4.0 OEM & ODM service

Arm taipie 10.jpg

Arm taipie 11.jpg

Arm taipie 12.jpg

Video : Banana Pi introduction at ARM innovator in Taipei on 6/8

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