BPI-EAI80 Compiling Steps

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BPI-EAI80 AIoT board Gree EAI80 chip design

Compiling LCD source code

Step 1: Hardware connection

1. Connect a 7” LCD cable with a EAI80
2. Connect a battery cable with a EAI80
3. Connect a type C cable with a NB

Burn 9.jpg

Step 2: Modify LCD source code

1.Go to src under lcd folder
2.Copy main.c file to another folder before modifying its context

Comple 1.jpg

3.Modifying lcd source code – main.c (under lcd src folder) then saving

Comple 2.jpg

Comple 3.jpg

Step 3: Execute compiling

1.Turn on a terminal, path: github/BPI-EAI80-bsp/ugelis/ugelis_example/example/driver_example/lcd/build)
2.Command: make (execute comiling)

Comple 4.jpg

Burning ugelis.bin (after compiling) to EAI80 flash

Step 1:

Turn on a terminal, seek ugelis file under lcd, go to below path:

Burn 6.jpg

Step 2:

Turn on 2nd terminal, go to below path: github/BPI-EAI80-bsp/ugelis/tools/gree_tool$

Burn 7.jpg

Step 3:

Copy ugelis.bin file under lcd/build/ugelis to gree_tools folder

Burn 3.jpg

Step 4:

Command: gree_tool$./gree_tool.ph (burning ugelis.bin file to EAI80 flash and lcd software burning done)

Burn 8.jpg

Burn 9.jpg