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==about SunPlus SP7021==
==SunPlus SP7021介绍==
SunPlus sp7021 is a revolutionary SoC that has the power of a Linux-grade chip and the integration simplicity of a microcontroller.it with ARM Cortex-A7 Quad core,ARM926 real-time core,8051 low-power core
SunPlus sp7021是一款革命性的SoC,它具有linux级芯片的强大功能和微控制器集成的简单性。配备ARM Cortex-A7四核,ARM926实时内核,8051低功耗内核
Conceived by Sunplus Technology in collaboration with Tibbo Technology, PLUS1 takes all the sophisticated elements typically found in modern industrial-grade embedded Linux chips, adds a plethora of features targeting IoT and industrial control applications, and delivers the resulting design in a simple microcontroller-like package that needs few external components, simplifies the schematic diagram, and reduces the PCB complexity.
SP7021 is a SoC solution of industrial control. It meets customers’full demand on function but with low cost so that will improve customers’ competitiveness in the market. SP7021 provides rich GPIOs, storage and USB interface. And it provides MIPI CSI interface for video input and HDMI interface for video output. It also provides FPGA interface for function extension. SP7021 also has 4 Ethernet ports providing customers a high competitive solution.
SP7021是工业控制的SoC解决方案。以低成本满足客户对产品功能的充分需求,提高客户在市场中的竞争力。SP7021提供丰富的GPIOs、存储和USB接口。为视频输入提供MIPI CSI接口,为视频输出提供HDMI接口。并提供功能扩展的FPGA接口。SP7021还有4个以太网端口,为客户提供了一个极具竞争力的解决方案。
===characteristics of the SP7021===
*Easy-to-use LQFP package.
*Quad-core 1GHz Cortex-A7 CPU, plus A926 and 8051 cores.
*四核1GHz Cortex-A7 CPU, 集成 A926 8051 内核.
*Single 3.3V power*.
*单路 3.3V 供电.
*Integrated 128MB or 512MB DDR3 DRAM.
*芯片内置128MB 或512MB DDR3 内存.
*Eight 8-bit 5V-tolerant IO ports, plus one high-current port.
*8个8位5 v的IO端口,外加一个大电流端口.
*Flexible Peripheral Multiplexing (PinMux).
*Dual PinMuxable Ethernet MACs.
*Dual PinMuxable Ethernet MACs.
*Four PinMuxable Enhanced UARTs, plus one console UART.
*Four PinMuxable Enhanced UARTs, plus one console UART.
*Industrial operating temperature range: -40C ~ +85C.
*工业操作温度范围: -40C ~ +85C.
*Low EMI simplifies certification.
*Modern, Yocto-based Linux distribution.
*10-year supply guarantee.
*Robust ready-to-run modern Linux distribution available
*And much more...

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BPI-F2S with Heat sinks ,PoE module and RTC battery on board
BPI-F2S back
SunPlus SP7021 Diagram
SunPlus SP7021

香蕉派 BPI-F2P 是采用Sunplus 工业级芯片方案设计, 是完全按照工业级应用标准设计的开发板. 使用 Plus1(sp7021) 芯片设计,跟Banana Pi BPI-F2S采用同样主控芯片, 支持PoE网线供电功能,支持一路 RS232,一路RS485 .你可以让一款真正的工业控制网关完成你想的产品设计。


  • IoT物联网网关应用/工业互联网网关应用
  • 智能语音处理
  • 智能支付系统
  • 车载网络技术与应用

SunPlus SP7021介绍

SunPlus sp7021是一款革命性的SoC,它具有linux级芯片的强大功能和微控制器集成的简单性。配备ARM Cortex-A7四核,ARM926实时内核,8051低功耗内核


SP7021是工业控制的SoC解决方案。以低成本满足客户对产品功能的充分需求,提高客户在市场中的竞争力。SP7021提供丰富的GPIOs、存储和USB接口。为视频输入提供MIPI CSI接口,为视频输出提供HDMI接口。并提供功能扩展的FPGA接口。SP7021还有4个以太网端口,为客户提供了一个极具竞争力的解决方案。


  • 容易设计加工的LQFP芯片封装.
  • 四核1GHz Cortex-A7 CPU, 集成 A926 和 8051 内核.
  • 单路 3.3V 供电.
  • 芯片内置128MB 或512MB DDR3 内存.
  • 8个8位5 v的IO端口,外加一个大电流端口.
  • 灵活的外围多路复用(PinMux).
  • Dual PinMuxable Ethernet MACs.
  • Four PinMuxable Enhanced UARTs, plus one console UART.
  • 工业操作温度范围: -40C ~ +85C.
  • 低电磁干扰简化认证.
  • 现代的、基于yocto的Linux发行版.
  • 10年供应保证.
  • 完善的LINUX系统支持




Hardware interface

Banana PI BPI-F2P interface 750.JPG

Hardware spec

  • SoC – Sunplus SP7021 “Plus1” with a quad-core Cortex-A7 processor @ 1.0 GHz, one Arm A926 microprocessor, an 8051 core to handle I/Os, and 128MB or 512MB DDR3 DRAM.
  • Storage – 8GB eMMC flash, microSD card slot
  • Video Output – HDMI 1.4 output
  • Camera I/F – MIPI CSI connector
  • Connectivity – 2x 10/100M Ethernet
  • USB – 2x USB 2.0 host ports, 1x micro USB port
  • Expansion
2 USB header interface
40-pin GPIO header compatible
7.4V Lithium battery power supply interface
RTC battery interface
PoE function support
  • Debugging – 3-pin header for UART console, SWD ICE port
  • Security – TPM 2.0 via ST33TPH2EI2C secure element
  • Misc – Power switch, reset button, boot selection dip switch
  • Power Supply – 12VDC via power barrel jack
  • Dimensions – 130x85mm
  • Temperature Range – -40C ~ +85°C


Source code on github



Ubuntu Linux

  • 2019-12-25 update :ubuntu mate 18.04 desktop 2019-12-25 base on kernel 4.19.37
file name : 2019-12-25-ubuntu-mate-18.04.2-beta1-desktop-armhf+raspi-ext4-bpi-f2s.img.zip
google link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_TJzJPMm89Fb9Fji1PddMPas-EEO-IGw/view
discuss on forum:http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bpi-f2s-new-image-ubuntu-mate-18-04-desktop-2019-12-25/10454

Kail Linux

  • 2019-12-25 update:Kail Linux 2019.4 nexmon 2019-12-25 base on kernel 4.19.37
file name:2019-12-25-kali-linux-2019.4-rpi3-nexmon-bpi-f2s.img.zip
google link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/19G49t288CKKLGokI-jQOs9h7rtsxGBGo/view?usp=drivesdk
password: root/toor
discuss on forum:http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bpi-f2s-new-image-kail-linux-2019-4-nexmon-2019-12-25/10453

Debian Linux

  • debian-10-buste-bpi-f2s-sd-emmc 2019-11-26 kernel 4.19
file name: 2019-11-29-debian-10-buster-mate-desktop-beta-bpi-f2s-sd-emmc.img.zip
google download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MpjDeUk4H-EXzaxpuywgbgRaM8YXoXjI/view
Discuss on forum: http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bpi-f2s-new-image-debian-10-buste-bpi-f2s-sd-emmc-2019-11-26/10270

CentOS linux

  • CentOS userland armv7hl-RaspberryPi KDE 1908 sda 2019-12-25 base on kernel 4.19.37
file name:2019-12-25-CentOS-Userland-7-armv7hl-RaspberryPI-KDE-1908-sda.raw.xz-bpi-f2s.img.zip
google link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Is-BS7lvCUrRBkO7wCjn4q51eI7Yof-l/view
discuss on forum:http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bpi-f2s-new-image-centos-userland-armv7hl-raspberrypi-kde-1908-sda-2019-12-25/10452


  • Banana Pi BPI-F2S setup & run fedora 31 (u-boot-2019.04 + kernel 4.19.37)
file name: 2019-11-14-Fedora-Mate-armhfp-31-1.9-sda.raw.xz-bpi-f2s-sd-emmc.img.zip
google download : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ATHmvKvYoBpM3uyQ2xK4pvKahlgCGHnq
discuss on forum: http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bpi-f2s-new-image-fedora-mate-armhfp-31-1-9-sda-raw-xz-bpi-f2s-sd-emmc-img-2019-11-15/10206
boot logfile: https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP/BPI-files/blob/master/others/logfile/bpi-f2s/20191114/2019-11-14-Fedora-Mate-armhfp-31-1.9-sda.raw.xz-bpi-f2s-sd-emmc.img.txt

Mozilla IoT gateway

  • Mozilla IoT rpi gateway 0.10.0 2019-12-25 base on kernel 4.19.37
file name:2019-12-25-rpi-gateway-0.10.0-bpi-f2s.img.zip
google link:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wPDeqQpKce-I81fQ638HE_ogl-MDkOOB/view?usp=drivesdk
Mozilla gateway getting started guide:https://iot.mozilla.org/docs/gateway-getting-started-guide.html
discuss on forum :http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bpi-f2s-new-image-mozilla-iot-rpi-gateway-0-10-0-2019-12-25/10455

Yocto Linux

  • this code is support by Tibbo/SunPlus
github link: https://github.com/tibbotech/yocto_layers

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