BPI Prototyping Pi Plate module

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Produce Overview[edit]


The Prototype development module is designed specifically for the Banana Pi. The module suitable enthusiasts and user can weld peripheral to the module;The module expand some amphenol connector and some SMT, so the user can finish prototype test easily.

Product Feature[edit]

  • 1. Expand common GPIO through amphenol connector
  • 2. Expand common GPIO through Female Header Connector
  • 3. Set aside a large amount of welding hole

Product Specification[edit]



  • 1. I2C amphenol connector
  • 2. Female Header Connector
  • 3. SPI amphenol connector
  • 4. SPI Female Header Connector
  • 5. Serial port amphenol connector
  • 6. Serial port Female Header Connector
  • 7. 3.3V Vcc
  • 8. 5V Vcc

Product Parameters[edit]

  • 1. 3.5mm Amphenol Connector
  • 2. 2.54mm Female Header Connector

Typical Application[edit]

  • 1. Hardware weld primer
  • 2. Prototype experiment
  • 3. DIY enthusiasts

How to use[edit]

Insert the Prototype development module to Banana Pi, Pay attention don’t make the direction reversed! The correct direction of insert module is above the Banana Pi’s PCB.