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=Ubuntu 16.04=
=Ubuntu 16.04=
==Kernel 3.4.113==
==Kernel 3.4.39==
'''Features Map'''
'''Features Map'''
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center"
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center"

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Ubuntu 16.04

Kernel 3.4.39

Features Map

Image Features Sub-Features Status Performance
WiFi WiFi Client YES wpa_supplicant
AP mode Pending hostapd
EMAC TCP YES iperf3 95Mbit/s
UDP YES iperf3 1Mbit/s
Bluetooth BT YES bluetoothctl
BLE Pending hcitool
CAMERA ov5640 ffmpeg YES /usr/local/bin/cameratest.sh
cap YES /usr/local/bin/test_ov5640.sh
guvcview YES
WiringPI 8x8 LEDs YES /usr/local/bin/bpi_test_hello
1602 LCD YES /usr/local/bin/bpi_test_lcd1602
OLED YES /usr/local/bin/bpi_test_52pi
RPI GPIO Recognize YES /usr/local/bin/g40.py
OTG adb NO adbd.sh
Ethernet to USB YES iperf3 test tcp: 350M/s, iperf3 test udp: 1M/s
USB Gadget YES
1080P MPV YES no audio out
GPU OpenGL Unknown
EMMC Recognise YES