Install Linux & Android images on Banana pi SBC

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This page is main to describe how to install an image (Linux & Android) on Banana Pi SBC (TF card & Emmc) under Linux or Windows OS.

Install Images Under Windows PC

  • If you install images on TF card under windows pc, please format your TF card firstly, but doesn't need to format TF card under Linux pc

Fomat TF Card

Install Linux Images

Install Linux Images On TF Card

Use Win32DiskImager

Win32 Disk 1.png

Win32 Disk 2.png

Win32 Disk 3.png

Use balenaEtcher


BalenaEtcher Flash.jpg

BalenaEtcher Validate.jpg

BalenaEtcher Done.jpg

Install Linux Images On Banana Pis' Emmc

  • Before install an linux image on board, please install an image on TF card firstly.
  • After you installed image on TF card, then power on board by TF card
  • Prepare image and store it in Udisk, plug Udisk into board.

Linux Emmc 1.jpg

  • Using "bpi-copy" or "dd" command to flash image on board Emmc.

Linux Emmc 2.jpg

Install Android Images

Install Android Images On TF Card

Use PhoenixCard

Install Android Images On Banana Pis' Emmc

Use PhoenixSuit

  • Connect board with PC by using usb-otg wire.

Android Emmc 5.png

  • If PhoenixSuit can't recognise device, please install usb driver for windows pc
  • Open PhoenixSuit on windows, then press U-boot button on board when you connect PC with otg-usb wire.

Android Emmc 1.png

Android Emmc 2.png

Android Emmc 3.png

Use PhoenixCard

Install Images Under Linux(Ubuntu) PC

Install Linux Images

Install Linux Images On TF Card

Install Android Images