How to bulid a image with BSP

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Step One: download and compile BSP code

Here I use BPI-M4 as an example:

1. Execute command: "git clone" to download bsp code.

2. Execute command: "./" then choose "1" to build the bsp

Build image 1.png

3. After built bsp code, the boot and kernel files will be generated in "SD/bpi-m4".

Build image 2.png

Step Two: Install an image on SD card

1. You could install an image by following here: Install Linux & Android images on Banana pi SBC

2. Here I install an image under a ubuntu os, “bpi-copy /dev/sde”

Build image 3.png

Step Three: Make an image

1. Our bsp could not build an image directly, so we need to make an image from sd card which has installed an image.

2. Plug sd card which we just installed an image into a ubuntu PC, then the PC will recognize "BPI-BOOT" and "BPI-ROOT".

3. Now we do some preparations before make a image:

  • "cd /media", then "ln -s <your account> pi"
  • "mkdir image", then “cp <BPI-M4-Project>/SD/bpi-m4/*.tgz <BPI-M4-Project>/SD/bpi-m4/100MB/* image”

4. Because we want to make a BPI-M4 image