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Hardware Specification

The camera V3 module is specifically designed for BPi-M3.It include two CMOS sensor module, one is OV5640(5M Pixel),and the other is OV8865(8M Pixel),so you can choose one or two campera for this board.


camera can support 2 scene. one is OV5640 and one is OV8865

Hardware interface

Camera.JPG BPI-M3 camera interface.png

cable line

600px-Lcd connect line.jpg

Schematic diagram

BPI-M3 camera SCH.png

How to use

Connect the camera module and BPi-M3 with a 40PIN FFC cable, like the pictures below :

BPI-M3 camera 1.png

BPI-M3 camera 2.png

BPI-M3 camera 3.png

BPI-M2+ support OV5640 camera module

note: for BPI-M2+ , camera is not same as BPI-M2,BPI-M1.... , it support OV5640 module, not need extend board. you just can direct use OV5640 modue on CSI interface.

if you have BPI-M1/M1+/M2 camera module ,you can remove camera module from extend bard ,and can use on BPI-M2+.

Camera 1.jpg

connect way:

Camera 2.jpg


BPI camera SCH download:

OV5640 datasheet download:

OV8865 datasheet download: