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[[File:Banana_Pi_BPI-M2S_1.jpg|thumb|[[Banana Pi BPI-M2S]] Amlogic A311D chip]]
[[File:Banana_Pi_BPI-M2S_1.jpg|thumb|[[Banana Pi BPI-M2S]] Amlogic A311D chip]]
[[File:Banana_Pi_BPI-M2S_with_poe.jpg|thumb|BPI-M2S with PoE module]]
[[File:Banana_Pi_BPI-M2S_with_poe.jpg|thumb|BPI-M2S with [[BPI-9600 IEEE 802.3af PoE module]]]]
[[File:Banana_Pi_BPI-M2S_with_wifi_and_BT_module.jpg|thumb|BPI-M2S with Wifi&BT module]]
[[File:Banana_Pi_BPI-M2S_with_wifi_and_BT_module.jpg|thumb|BPI-M2S with Wifi&BT module]]
[[File:BPI-M2_Pro_2.jpg|thumb|[[Banana Pi BPI-M2 Pro]] S905x3 design]]
[[File:BPI-M2_Pro_2.jpg|thumb|[[Banana Pi BPI-M2 Pro]] S905x3 design]]

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BPI-M2S Introduction

Banana Pi BPI-M2S Amlogic A311D chip
BPI-M2S with Wifi&BT module
Banana Pi BPI-M2 Pro S905x3 design
Banana Pi BPI-M5 Amlogic S905x3 design

BananaPi BPI-M2S new design with Amlogic A311D Quad core ARM Cortex-A73 and dual core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU ,ARM G52 MP4(6EE) GPU,NPU for AI at 5.0 TOPS, support Camera and MIPI-CSI interface ,HDMI output,2 Gigabit port . 4G RAM and 16 GB eMMC flash

BPI-M2S same size as Banana Pi BPI-M2+ and Banana Pi BPI-M2 Pro

Key Features

  • Amlogic A311D Quad core ARM Cortex-A73 and dual core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU ,ARM G52 MP4(6EE) GPU
  • NPU for AI :Next generation, deep-neural-network applications, at 5.0 TOPS
  • 16GB eMMC flash (Max 128G)
  • support MIPI DSI Camera interface
  • support MIPI CSI Screen interface
  • 2 Gigabit port
  • HDMI output
  • 40 PIN GPIO
  • support Android and Linux system.

Getting Start


Hardware inerface

File:BPI-F2S interface.jpg

Banana Pi BPI-M2S SBC specifications

  • SoC – Amlogic A311D hexa-core processor with 4x Arm Cortex-A73 cores, 2x Arm Cortex-A53 cores, Arm Mali-G52 MP4 (6EE) GPU with OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan 1.0 and OpenCL 2.0 support, 5 TOPS NPU
  • System Memory – 4GB LPDDR4
  • Storage – 16GB eMMC flash (option up to 128GB), MicroSD card slot
  • Video interfaces
HDMI 2.1 output up to 4Kp60
MIPI DSI connector for display
MIPI CSI connector for camera
  • Networking – 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports one via RTL8211F GbE transceiver, the other through RTL8111H PCIe to Gigabit Ethernet transceiver
  • USB – 1x USB 2.0 Type-A port, 1x USB Type-C port
  • Expansion – 40-pin GPIO header
  • Debugging – 3-pin header for serial console
  • Misc – 3x buttons
  • Power Supply – Via USB-C port or pin header
  • Dimensions – 65 x 65mm

PoE Wifi&BT

Banana Pi BPI-M2S with PoE wifi bt.jpg

BPI-M5 rtl8822cs WiFi&BT board,SDIO interface, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2T2R WiFi and Bluectooch 5.0

GPIO PIN define



Source code


System image