BPI Z-Wave Gateway IoT module

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Overview:BPI Z-wave gateway IoT
Overview:BPI Z-wave gateway IoT front and back

BPI Z-wave gateway IoT module use Sigma ZM5304 Z-Wave® Serial Interface Module with Antenna design.

Key Features

  • Provides connection via Z-Wave serial API interface
  • UART, USB full-speed device connection
  • Firmware upgrade using UART or USB
  • Helical antenna on-board
  • Hardware AES 128 security engine
  • 2µA sleep mode
  • 9.6/40/100 kbit/s data rates
  • Regional modules for 868/908/921 MHz
  • Hardware-assisted frequency agility with up to 3 channels
  • Battery monitor and built-in supply regulators

Target applications

  • Gateways
  • TVs
  • Set-top boxes

About ZM5304

The ZM5304 serial interface module with antenna takes the RF design effort out of Z-Wave. Designed for easy integration and fast time-to-market, it is ideal in applications such as TVs, set-top boxes, and gateways.

The ZM5304 is a fully self-contained module that includes a Z-Wave modem and built-in antenna. The module comes with full FCC modular approval and is pre-scanned for CE approval, making hardware intergration and approval very simple. The ZM5304 provides hardware-assisted frequency agility, enabling the module to switch away from a noisy channel without communication or software overhead.

The ZM5304 module exposes the well-documented and proven Z-Wave Serial API via USB or UART. As new Serial API features become available, the ZM5304 firmware can be upgraded using the UART or USB ports, eliminating the need to replace hardware. Existing products that use the Z-Wave Serial API can be upgraded to the ZM5304 module without having to re-write their interface software.

The ZM5304 continues to build on the Z-Wave ten-year track record of backward-compatibility, enabling all generations of Z-Wave to communicate seamlessly in a Z-Wave network.

Key Benefits

  • Easy integration
  • Complete design from interface to antenna
  • An off-the-shelf solution

ZM5304 Z-Wave® Serial Interface Module with Antenna module comparison table: