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[[zh:BPI-R64 + MT7615模块功能测试]]
[[zh:BPI-R64 + MT7615模块功能测试]]
[[File:MTK_MT7615_1.JPG|thumb|BPI-MT7615 802.11 ac wifi 4x4 dual-band module]]
[[File:MTK_MT7615_1.JPG|thumb|[[BPI-MT7615 802.11 ac wifi 4x4 dual-band module]]]]

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use on Banana Pi BPI-R64 MTK MT7622

Test environment and software

MT7615 module have support BPI-R2, BPI-R64, and We have tested the parametric performance of module 7615 in the laboratory.To achieve the optimal

BPI-R64+MT7615 test wifi function with openwrt

List of items required

1.2.BPI-MT7615 module
1.3.12V/2A adapter
1.4.USB serial port line(3.3V)
1.5.TF card wifi antenna,1-4 pcs
1.7.Openwrt image; http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-R64#Release

Environment set up

2.use tooling(windows Win32DiskImager)burn BPI-R64 openwrt image to TF card,Then insert the TF card slot;MT7615 module insert to BPI-R64 mPCIe interface CN25,connect UART debug line and wifi antenna, then power on to boot.

7615 test 1.jpg

Configure Network

3.When the boot is complete, type in the serial port : ifconfig rai0 up to boot MT7615 Then configure rai0 IP address,such as :ifconfig rai0

7615 test 2.png

7615 test 14.png

4.use PC to connect MTK_AP2 SSID,Then configure the IP manually

7615 test 3.jpg

performance test

Since there is only one antenna for wifi, the connection speed is only 433Mbps. During the test, there are no walls or other barriers between the notebook and MT7615, and MT7615 is in the channel with less interference.

7615 test 4.png

0.5 meter distance test

5.1.Distance 0.5 m test: MT7615 distance 0.5 m from laptop 5.1.1.signal strength

7615 test 5.jpg

5.1.2.iperf speed test

7615 test 6.jpg

5 speed distance test

5.2.1.signal strength

7615 test 7.jpg

5.2.2.iperf speed test

7615 test 8.png

10 speed distance test

5.3.1.signal strength

7615 test 9.jpg

5.3.2.iperf speed test

7615 test 10.jpg

power consumption testing

The dc power supply is set to 12V output

6.1.when BPI-R64 power,330mA

7615 test 11.jpg

6.2.when open MT7615 anc pc connect wifi,390mA

7615 test 12.jpg

6.3.when iperf test speed,480mA

7615 test 13.jpg