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==Sample code==

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arduino Nano robot board
 BPI-Nano arduino Nano
 BPI-Nano arduino Nano

This robot board is design for Arduino Nano and Nano compatible boards. It is designed by Harsh Dethe and made by BPI factory.

BPI-Nano robot boards motor drive expansion plate available in the bpi-nano controller supports dual-circuit motor control, with single maximum current up to 1A.

Arduino standard pin design interface, also can be used with Arduino Nano.It can be applied to the development of small mobile robot.


Technical specifications

  • Driver chip: L293B
  • Logical working voltage: 5V DC
  • Motor drive voltage: 7-12v DC
  • Maximum driving current: 1A (per circuit)
  • Pin for motor drive: pin4/5/6/7 (Arduino controller)
  • Size: 56x57mm

Hardware interface

BPI-Nano robort interface.png

BPI-Nano robort interface 1.png

PIN define

BPI-Nano aruino Nano robort GPIO pin define
Pin Function
Digital 2、4 Motor2 Steering control, 2 high level, 4 low level positive turn;Whereas inversion
Digital 3 Motor 2 Enable interface, high level enable
Digital 5 Motor 1 Enable interface, high level enable
Digital 7、8 Motor 1 Steering control, 7 high level, 8 low level positive turn;Whereas inversion


Sample code