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The development of preparation

  • 1. First, ensure the integrity of the current firmware dependency package
  • The effect is shown below. If you do not have two dependency packages on the diagram, please burn the latest firmware.

Prepare the weather API

"city": "jingzhou",
"cityid": "101200801",
"img1": "n7.gif",
"img2": "d2.gif",
"ptime": "18:00",
"temp1": "16℃",
"temp2": "23℃",
"weather": "Rain turns shade"

We can analyze these json files and write an example like this

example analyse

import urequests
from microbit import * 

def get_weather():
	url = "http://www.weather.com.cn/data/cityinfo/101200801.html"
	rsp = urequests.get(url)
	data = eval(rsp.text) # eval function is used to convert string type json data from -> to python dictionary type
	weather = data["weatherinfo"]
	L = weather["temp1"] #lowest temperature
	H = weather["temp2"] #the highest temperature
	return "L:" + L[:-1] + " H:" + H[:-1] #Data sample->  L:16 H:23


# L[:-1] H[:-1]Remove ℃ ℉ and two special symbol, can appear otherwise coding errors

Write at end

These operations are all performed in mpfshell. If you use Pycharm programming, you can also operate in mpfshell tools. I believe you should all be able to operate.