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Wired connection board

1. connect BPI;bit

Connect a board to your computer via a MicroUSB wire, with Windows10 system

Bit connect.png

2. Check the drive

Enter <device manager> to confirm whether Serial is installed, enter as follows.

  • (right key)This computer -> attribute -> device manager
  • Start menu -> (input) device manager
  • Control panel -> (search) device manager


you can see the device display ** usb2.0-serial **, indicating that ** has not been installed driver **, if the driver has been installed before, you can skip to step 5.

3. install the driver

check here Serial CH341 driver,And follow the instructions below to install the driver
Open the downloaded CH341SER.ZIP ZIP package, enter the CH341SER folder, open setup. EXE, you can see the following figure.


- 点击 **INSTALL** (安装),等待片刻即可完成安装。

      1. 4. 确认串口

- 核对板子是否连接成功

- ![连接成功](board_connect/success.png)

- 可以看到原来的 **USB2.0-Serial** 消失了,取而代之的是 **USB-SERIAL CH340(COM3)**,这意味着你已经成功安装驱动,并且得到板子串口名称为(**COM3**),你可以通过各种串口工具来查看串口名(COM3)的板子传出的信息。

      1. 5. 其他系统

- 至此板子连接成功,可以进入下一章节[尝试烧写板子](https://github.com/BPI-STEAM/BPI-BIT-MicroPython/wiki/how_to_flash)了,如果是 Linux 或 Mac 系统就需要你自行搜索问题解决了,但大体都差不多的。