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Panel scrolling text

This is a qualitative change from the original hello word!

Prepare the required tools

  • BPI:bit newest firmware. Bin
  • Windows - Mpfshell. Exe

you can download from :https://github.com/BPI-STEAM/BPI-BIT-MicroPython/releases

easy to use MicroPython

from microbit import *
display.scroll("Hello, World!")


  • Each line also has special semantics.
The form microbit import *
If you have been exposed to c before, you can understand by the library. All modules are existing code libraries. These libraries are imported from microbit. The second row
display.scroll("Hello, World!")
This also makes sense, telling microPython to use the display command to scroll the "helloworld" character number of the string. This display is a module in the microbit that represents the physical display of the device, with the display in quotes.
Now copy the code directly to your editor and burn it to your device. Can you change the character information? Give it a try!
  • testing effect:


Character color

Compared with microbit, bpibit's led panel USES programmable RGB light (ws2812b). Click here for more details on WS2812B

RGB lights can be programmed to display 255 *255 *255 colors, which is 16 million colors. It's hard to believe, so let's start our color show.

  • It's easy to change the color of the font. We preset 8 colors in our firmware
black = [0, 0, 0]
Red = [2, 0, 0]
Orange = [2, 1, 0]
Yellow = [2, 2, 0]
Green = [0, 2, 0]
Blue = [0, 0, 2]
Indigo = [0, 2, 2]
Purple = [2, 0, 2]

They are black (light out), red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. With these basic colors you can modify the font color.

sample code

from display import*
display.scroll("Hello, World!",Yellow)


The default color of the board is red, as long as the string (that is, "Hello, World! ) to modify the color of the characters displayed. As you can see from the figure above, the color of our characters has changed to yellow.
Some of you may have questions here, right? So how do you make each character appear a different color? Let's look at the following operation