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[[File:Intelligent_sleep_meter_2.jpg|thumb|Intelligent sleep meter ]]

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Intelligent sleep meter


KRKI G3 smart sleep regulator, which combines three-dimensional signals of temporal biorhythm (functional odor small molecules, smart light,Full frequency background), can really arouse brain internal sleep to get up ਀ program.Through scientific sleep algorithms, release The corresponding sleep signal can reshape the user's sleep rhythm and safely improve the user's sleep quality.Achieve comfortable and natural during the day Wake up, sleep soundly at night.

Explanation: intelligent sleep regulator integrates sleep monitoring and sleep rhythm adjustment, and combines time biorhythm Three-dimensional signals (functional odor small molecules, intelligent light, full-band background sounds) can provide a full cycle of sleep from sleep to wake up Sleep solution, safe and no side effects to improve the quality of sleep users.Through collecting the user's sleep data, analyze the user .The biological clock status of the intelligent generation of user personalized sleep algorithm.The algorithm can be based on the user's environment and sleep status,Release corresponding concentration (intensity) of sleep assistance signal, reshape the user's sleep rhythm, improve the user's sleep quality.

this patented formula of plant extracts are food grade, safe and non-toxic side effects.

In the Sleep aid phase, ERKI G3 releases the patented formula for "Sleep" plant essence.Odor signals pass through the body's sense of smell Organs that bypass the hypothalamus to communicate directly to the cerebral cortex and reduce its activity, lowering serum cortisol levels and relieving the pain User nervous anxiety.At the same time intelligent sleep light effect on the hypothalamus ৿ depending on the intersection of nucleus (SCN), promote the body The secretion of melatonin makes the user feel sleepy. With Della to help sleep, it helps the user to sleep more efficiently State.

In the wake phase, according to the user set wake-up time in advance to user signs, quantitative release has the patent "Energy" is the essence of plants.Scent signals bypass the inactive hypothalamus when a person is asleep Direct to the cerebral cortex, gradually the user's sleep state from deep sleep to light sleep, while improving the activity of the hypothalamus Jerk.Then, intelligent wake up light effect on the visual / ৿ nuclear SCN, promote the decomposition of melatonin.Finally, match Della's evocation Music, let the user inadvertently wake up, so that the completion of a "enjoy good sleep".


Main fcunction

  • ESP32-WROVER chip design
  • Support WiFi, MQTT protocol connect to Server
  • Support BT ,can use BT setting
  • Support online music play
  • App support

PCBA design

Esp32 for IoT 1.jpg

with case

Sweet fume machine 4.jpg