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(4G LTE router design)
(4G Multi-network fusion server)
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product website: https://www.aixiaocao.com/

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MT7623N for 4G router
A64 for smart home design
4 4G module board via USB interface
A83T Raid Nas design
R40 for vehicle license plate recognition
R40 for IoT gateway with Z-wave, zigbee,WiFI
A64 for IoT gateway design
A20 Multimedia routing gateway design
H3 for Network security information analysis instrument
A20 for Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) flight control
T3 design for vehicle traveling data recorderl
ESP32 for IoT :Sweet fume machine

Sweet fume machine Intelligent sleep meter

Sweet fume machine 4.jpg

use ESP32 design , suppor WiFi and BT to connect network.

more Spec ,please see :http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bpi-4-0-esp32-for-iot-design-sweet-fume-machine-smart-home-product/7544

4G LTE router design

Banana pi 4g router 1.jpg

more Spec,please see : http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bpi-4-0-4g-lte-router-design/9277

DOJO smart home


Dojo official webstie: https://dojo.bullguard.com/

Magic mirror

Magic mirror 2.JPG

PCBA base on BPI-M3 with allwinner A83T chip design

Magic mirror 1.jpg

forum discuss:http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/banana-pi-bpi-4-0-oem-odm-project-magic-mirror-base-bpi-m3-allwinner-a83t-chip-design/7410

4G Multi-network fusion server

this is base on BPI-R2, with 4 4G module desin. We can work with our customers to provide overall solutions

4G Multi-network fusion server

4G Multiple 2.jpg

4G Multi-network fusion terminal

4G Multiple 1.jpg

product website: https://www.aixiaocao.com/


  • 2018-10-12 update, OpenMPTCProuter use MultiPath TCP (MPTCP) to aggregate multiple Internet connections and OpenWrt. and have official support BPI-R2.
image download:https://www.openmptcprouter.com/download
source code on github:https://github.com/Ysurac/openmptcprouter
forum pthread: http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/banana-pi-bpi-r2-new-image-openmptcprouter-official-support/7229

MultiQB Home multimedia gateway

what we do : hardware design, BSP software design, tooling design, quantity production, product certification

MultiQB front.jpg

pcba inside:

P图 - 副本.jpg

Case design:


Hardware Specs

  • SIZE: two-deck, 88x88 mm
  • CPU Chipset: A20 ARM Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core 1 GHz
  • GPU Chipset: ARM Mali400MP2Complies with OpenGL ES 2.0/1.1
  • Memory: 1 GB DDR3
  • Storage Slot: micro SD Card 16G Bytes
  • Network Ethernet: – 10/100/1000Mbps WAN x 1 – 10/100/1000Mbps LAN x 4
  • WIFI: – 3x 2.4GHz, Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n,Up to 300Mbps – 1x 5GHz,Support IEEE 802.11a/n/ac,Up to 433Mbps – External High-Gain Antenna 2.4GHz x3,5GHz x1 –WIFI model MT7632 or AP6335
  • 4G LTE – SimCom Sim7100C, FDD B3 LTE 1800, – Model SIM7100C – External High-Gain Antenna 4G x1
  • USB: USB Host 2.0 x 1
  • CAMERA: Camera x 1, Screen resolution HD 1280x720 pixels, 30 FPS, UVC H.264 encoding technology, CSI Connector
  • AUDIO Input: Microphone x 1
  • VIDEO Outputs: HDMI out x 1
  • AUDIO Outputs: 3.5mm Jack and HDMI
  • SPEAKER: BP-5032-44, 1xSpeaker, Diameter 50mm, Depth 32mm, Power 4w, Impedance 4±15%Ω
  • KEY: POWER KEY x 1 Touch Sensor Power Button RESET KEY x 1
  • LED: RJ45 LED (Upload, Download) x 5 WIFI LED (2.4G, 5.8G) x 2 POWER STATUS LED x 1 GPIO LED (4 pins LED) x 1 USB LED x 1 CAMERA LED x 1 4G LED x 1 AUDIO LED x1 MICROPHONE LED x1
  • Debugging: Serial Console, JTAG
  • Reserved Pin: GPIO PIN x 26, UART, 12C bus, SPI bus with two chip selects, CAN bus, ADC, PWM, +5V, +3.3V, GND
  • IR Receiver: x1
  • Power Source: Micro-USB Power DC 5V/2A
  • Battery: Li-ION 4400 mAh 3.7V, Battery Connector: x1
  • Adaptor: DC Adaptor 5V/2A with micro-USB cable
  • easy to add zigbee, z-wave ,NB-IoT and other IoT function.

KANO Pixel Kit

what we do : hardware design, quantity production

KANO 1.jpg

this product is for STEAM education with KANO scratch app:

Blockly web.jpg

The Kano Pixel Kit is a fun build-it-yourself, programme-it-yourself digital display, aimed at youngsters who are just getting interested in coding and playing with technology.





What we do : hardware design, BSP software design, PCBA support, product certification

NEW eBlocker Family Shop money back.png

eBlocker works as effectively as it does easily: unpack it, plug it in, ready. Without additional software installation and configuration. All you need is a free Ethernet port in your home network and off you go.

eBlocker official website : https://www.eblocker.com/en/

video demo:https://www.eblocker.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/whatiseblocker-1280x720.mp4

image download link:https://www.eblocker.com/en/download/

3G Information security terminal

What we do : hardware design, BSP software design, tooling design, quantity production, product certification

IMG 3036.JPG

PCBA inside:

A20 for 4G.JPG

4G Industrial safety tablets

What we do : hardware design, BSP software design, tooling design, quantity production, product certification

IMG 3085.JPG

PCBA inside:

A20 for 4G mid.JPG

MTK MT6737 4G watch

hardware design, All software design, tooling design, quantity production, product certification

4G watch 1.JPG

MTK MT6737 4G watch UI, we do can customization.

4G watch 6.JPG

Use MTK MT6737 design 4G watch project for China Mobile.This product has passed the certification of China mobile.

4G watch PCBA:

4g watch pcba.jpg

4G watch PCBA with shielding case:

4g watch pcba 1.jpg

4G watch Spec

System Physical Standard Configuration:

4g watch spec 1.png

System hardware configuration:

4g watch spec 2.png

Interface Configuration:

4G watch spec 3.png

Software Configuration:

4G watch spec 4.png

Necessary Accessories:

4G watch spec 5.png