IoeX and Banana-Pi Form Strategic Partnership with Distribution of 6 Million Peer Nodes

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Banana-Pi and ioeX have officially formed a strategic partnership to assist ioeX with an increase of 6 million peer nodes; both parties aim to build an IoT blockchain market. ioeX functionality will be loaded onto Banana-Pi boards with tools for developers to create decentralized network applications based on ioeX.

Ioex 1.jpeg


Banana-Pi is a series of open-source ARM and MCU panels supported by with provided open-source resources so that Makers can obtain tools to develop new products and applications on Banana-Pi hardware and software. Banana-Pi is also compatible with software from Rasberry-Pi.

Banana-Pi has accumulated more than 6 million in hardware and software sales with products distributed to more than 170 countries but primarily in the U.S. and Germany; the product also maintains a massive open-source developer community. Many companies have been attracted by the innovative development of single-board computers and sought ODM business with Banana-Pi and allied companies. For related products, visit。

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