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(How to boot form EMMC, EMMC启动步骤)
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=Install Win32DiskImager 安装Win32DiskImager=
open win32diskimager-1.0.0-install, choose “I accept the agreement “,
“Next> “, then choose “Create a desktop shortcut”
“Next> “, after that install the software. Like the follow picture:
首先打开软件win32diskimager-1.0.0-install,选择I accept the agreement ,在选择Next>,然后勾选Create a desktop shortcut,在选择Next>,接下来选择Install开始安装,最后选择Finish,安装完成,如下图所示:
Install and set SDFormatterv4.  SDFormatterv4 安装配置
Open SDFormatterv4, double-click “Setup”, like the follow picture:
“next step” , go in Installation directory and choose” Default installation”,
“next step” , choose installation again
首先选择“下一步”,进入安装目录选择(默认安装目录),然后在选择“下一步 ”,再次选择“安装”等待安装结束,最后选择“完成”自动退出安装窗口,SDFormatterv4安装完成。
Install the SD card in card reader, install the card reader in PC, then open SDFormatterv4, like the follow picture:
Choose” Drive (according to PC display)
Choose “Option settings”, and set the “adjust Logical size” to “ON”,like the follow picture:
Then Format
=Burning the image in SD Card, 烧录镜像进SD卡=
Dowload Ubuntu Image from the below website:
2021-01-29-ubuntu-mate-20.04.1-desktop-armhf-ext4-v5.4.35-bpi-f2p.img.zip:  Ubuntu Desktop system, Support HDMI interface to display Desktop.
2021-01-29-ubuntu-server-20.04.1-armhf-ext4-v5.4.35-bpi-f2p.img.zip:    Ubuntu Server System, it don’t include Desktop, only support serial console.
Firstly please Decompress the zip file, get the burning image file.
Install the SD which has formatted in card reader, and install the card reader in PC
Open Win32DiskImager, choose device and image file, then burn in. Then choose “OK” (cover), like the follow picture:
After finish, the page will show “ OK”
=How to boot from SD card,  SD卡启动操作步骤=
After finish burning, install the SD card in F2p Board, then it can boot
Serial Console Output:
HDMI Interface Display:
=How to boot form EMMC, EMMC启动步骤=
1.Burning image烧录镜像
Firstly Burning 20201-01-29-ubuntu-mate-20.04.1-desktop-armhf-ext4-v5.4.35-bpi-f2p.img in SD card and boot up. Refer to the below picture:
Console Serial,  Username: root, Password: bananapi
先将2021-01-29-ubuntu-mate-20.04.1-desktop-armhf-ext4-v5.4.35-bpi-f2p.img 烧录到SD卡启动。如下图:
调试串口, 用户名:root,  密码:bananapi
2.Copy the same image compress file you want in USB flash disk volume root directory, and plugin the USB flash disk in b2p board’s USB port.
3.Mount USB flash disk to /mnt挂载U盘到 /mnt
Input instruction输入指令:mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt 
Input instructionto USB flash disk输入指令进入U盘:cd /mnt
4.Burning the image to EMMC烧录镜像到EMMC
  Input the below instructions, like the follow picture 输入如下1条指令如下图:
unzip –p 2021-01-29-ubuntu-mate-20.04.1-desktop-armhf-ext4-v5.4.35-bpi-f2p.img.zip | dd of=/dev/mmcblk0
echo 0 > /sys/block/mmcblk0boot0/force_ro
cd /root/
dd if=xboot.img of=/dev/mmcblk0boot0
mmc bootpart enable 1 1 /dev/mmcblk0
mmc extcsd read /dev/mmcblk0 | grep PARTITION_CONFIG
5.Finish the burning, remove SD card and USB flash disk, Push the Red Switch PIN to off, re-power on and boot from EMMC
烧录完成,取出SD卡及U盘,将红色的拨码开关设成off, 重新上电EMMC启动。

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