Getting Started with BPI-W2

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Let's get start to develop on BPI-W2, see amazing things happen.

Basic Development

Prepare to develop

Load your first image on W2

Build your own image on W2


How to make and run the 64-bit ubuntu 16.04 on SD card 2018-4-28=

PDF format file download

Ubuntu 16.04 Install and run Node.js and http-server
  • insltall Node.js
After running Ubuntu 16.04, it's easy to install packages on the W2. Please follow below steps to install node.js:
   1.  apt-get install nodejs
   2.  apt-get install npm
   3.  npm install -g http-server
   4. make a link to nodejs:  cd /usr/bin/; ln -sf nodejs node

then Node.js is ready on your system.


Burn OpenWRT with Linux kernel 4.4 2018-4-25

1.About this release

This release is for banana pi W2 board to run OpenWRT,you will know how to burn and run OpenWRT on W2.

2.Burn OpenWRT on W2 steps:

The Bootloader of OpenWRT is u-boot64, there are two ways to burn it on W2 EMMC.

A. Use RTK MP_Tool burn uboot on W2:

1)You need these files and tool:

  • MP_Tool
  • RTD1296_hwsetting_BOOT_4DDR4_4Gb_s1866.config(hardware configuration file)
  • dvrboot.exe.bin(u-boot binary file)

2)Connect W2 debug console to windows PC,and run MP_Tool:


  • Set your console parameters
  • Choose config file and uboot file
  • Choose "LK option"
  • Click Wirte button and then power on W2, and waiting for response "OK"

B. Use hypertrm burn uboot on W2:

1)You need these files and tool:

  • hypertrm
  • RTD1296_hwsetting_BOOT_4DDR4_4Gb_s1866_padding.bin(hardware configuration binary file)
  • dvrboot.exe.bin(u-boot binary file)

2)Connect W2 debug console to windows PC:

  • Run hypertrm ,config console parameters right
  • Holding on press “ctrl + q” and power on board,after the screen show “d/g/r”,then loose “ctrl + q”
  • Input “h”,use Y-modem way to send “RTD1296_hwsetting_BOOT_4DDR4_4Gb_s1866_padding.bin” to W2 board
  • After finish transferred,input these parameters:
  • Input “d”,and send u-boot binary file
  • after finish transferred,input “g” to burn u-boot file on W2 EMMC

After succeed to burn u-boot on W2, then install OpenWRT on W2.

1)You need these tools and files:

  • U disk
  • install.img

2)Burn OpenWRT on W2 steps:

  • Format U disk as FAT32 filesystem
  • Copy install.img to U disk root directory
  • Decompress install.img to get four files:
  • Plug U disk to W2 USB3.0 interface,holding press “Esc” button to power on W2 board
  • Then W2 board will go into u-boot console
  • Input these commands step by step:
  setenv bootargs "earlycon=uart8250,mmio32,0x98007800 console=ttyS0,115200 loglevel=7
  init=/etc/init root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootfstype=squashfs rootwait"
  go ru
  • Waiting for OpenWRT burning,after finished,W2 will reboot and go into OpenWRT system.


3.Image & Tools link:

Baidu Drive: PinCode:1w4w

Google Drive:

4.BPI-W2 run OpenWRT video:

Advanced Development


GPIO Control

PWM Control

Develop 4G module with W2

WiFi and Ap mode on W2

WiFi Client

AP mode

Make your own image