Getting Started with BPI-W2

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Let's get start to develop on BPI-W2, see amazing things happen.

Basic Development

Prepare to develop

Load your first image on W2

Build your own image on W2


How to make and run the 64-bit ubuntu 16.04 on SD card 2018-4-28=

PDF format file download

Ubuntu 16.04 Install and run Node.js and http-server
  • insltall Node.js
After running Ubuntu 16.04, it's easy to install packages on the W2. Please follow below steps to install node.js:
   1.  apt-get install nodejs
   2.  apt-get install npm
   3.  npm install -g http-server
   4. make a link to nodejs:  cd /usr/bin/; ln -sf nodejs node

then Node.js is ready on your system.


Burn OpenWRT with Linux kernel 4.4

1.About this release

This release is for banana pi W2 board to run OpenWRT,you will know how to burn and run OpenWRT on W2.

2.Burn OpenWRT on W2 steps:

The Bootloader of OpenWRT is u-boot64, there are two ways to burn it on W2 EMMC.

A. Use RTK MP_Tool burn uboot on W2:

1)You need these files and tool:

  • MP_Tool
  • RTD1296_hwsetting_BOOT_4DDR4_4Gb_s1866.config(hardware configuration file)
  • dvrboot.exe.bin(u-boot binary file)

2)Connect W2 debug console to windows PC,and run MP_Tool:

Burun openwrt.jpg

  • Set your console parameters
  • Choose config file and uboot file
  • Choose "LK option"
  • Click Wirte button and then power on W2, and waiting for response "OK"

B. Use hypertrm burn uboot on W2:

1)You need these files and tool:

  • hypertrm
  • RTD1296_hwsetting_BOOT_4DDR4_4Gb_s1866_padding.bin(hardware configuration binary file)
  • dvrboot.exe.bin(u-boot binary file)

2)Connect W2 debug console to windows PC:

  • Run hypertrm ,config console parameters right
  • Holding on press “ctrl + q” and power on board,after the screen show “d/g/r”,then loose “ctrl + q”
  • Input “h”,use Y-modem way to send “RTD1296_hwsetting_BOOT_4DDR4_4Gb_s1866_padding.bin” to W2 board
  • After finish transferred,input these parameters:
  • Input “d”,and send u-boot binary file
  • after finish transferred,input “g” to burn u-boot file on W2 EMMC

After succeed to burn u-boot on W2, then install OpenWRT on W2.

1)You need these tools and files:

  • U disk
  • install.img

2)Burn OpenWRT on W2 steps:

  • Format U disk as FAT32 filesystem
  • Copy install.img to U disk root directory
  • Decompress install.img to get four files:
  • Plug U disk to W2 USB3.0 interface,holding press “Esc” button to power on W2 board
  • Then W2 board will go into u-boot console
  • Input these commands step by step:
  setenv bootargs "earlycon=uart8250,mmio32,0x98007800 console=ttyS0,115200 loglevel=7
  init=/etc/init root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootfstype=squashfs rootwait"
  go ru
  • Waiting for OpenWRT burning,after finished,W2 will reboot and go into OpenWRT system.


3.Image & Tools link:

Baidu Drive: PinCode:1w4w

Google Drive:

4.BPI-W2 run OpenWRT video:

Advanced Development


GPIO Control

PWM Control

Develop 4G module with W2

WiFi and Ap mode on W2

WiFi Client

AP mode

Make your own image