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(EAI80 Burning Steps (Advance))
(EAI80 Burning Steps (Advance))
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EAI80 Burning Steps (Elementary)

USB thumb flash format steps

Step 1: EAI80 connects a type C cable with a NB then connects a battery then connects a serial cable with EAI80 GPIO pin6, pin8, pin10.

EAI80 burn 1.jpg

Step 2: Open the terminal then login root then command: ls /dev/ttyUSB* (for checking ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1)

EAI80 burn 2.jpg

Step 3: Type minicom (press enter), press CTRL-A Z W then press space button and reset button both simultaneously then press enter.

EAI80 burn 3.jpg

Step 4: Type help (checking upgrade mode)

EAI80 burn 4.jpg

Step 5: Command: usb format (press enter) go (press enter)

EAI80 burn 5.jpg

EAI80 burn 51.jpg

Saving image from EAI80 flash to USB thumb flash steps

Step 1: Command: minicom –D /dev/ttyUSB1 –b 115200 press CTRL-A Z W then press space button and reset button both simultaneously press enter.

EAI80 burn 6.jpg

Step 2: Command: usb save 1:bpi.bin (press enter) -> go (press enter) Remove type C cable -> insert the thumb flash (start saving)

EAI80 burn 7.jpg

EAI80 burn 8.jpg

Restore image from USB thumb flash to EAI80 flash steps

Step 1: Command: usb restore 1:bpi.bin (press enter) go (press enter)

EAI80 burn 9.jpg

EAI80 Burning Steps (Advance)

Burning led software to EAI80 flash:

Step 1: Turn on a terminal, seek ugelis file under gpio40_adc, go to below path: github/BPI-EAI80-bsp/ugelis_example/example/driver_example/gpio40_adc/build/ugeliss Copy ugelis.bin file to gree_tools folder

Burn 1.jpg

Burn 2.jpg

Burn 3.jpg

Step 2: Turn on 2nd terminal, go to below path: github/BPI-EAI80-bsp/ugelis/tools/gree_tool$ Command: gree_tool$./gree_tool.ph (burning ugelis.bin file to EAI80 flash and done)

Step 3:

Turn on 3rd terminal, enter minicom then you will see led working as below: If press reset button, led will stop