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[[File:BPI-R64_2.JPG|thumb|BPI-R64 with MTK7622 64 bit]]
[[File:BPI-R64_2.JPG|thumb|BPI-R64 with MTK7622 64 bit]]
[[File:BPI-R64_3.JPG|thumb|BPI-R64 with POE function support]]
[[File:BPI-R64_3.JPG|thumb|BPI-R64 with POE function support]]
[[File:BPI-R64_POE_1.jpg|thumb|BPI-R64 with POE module (12V 3A)]]

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File:BPI-R64 1.JPG
Overview:banana Pi BPI-R64
File:BPI-R64 2.JPG
BPI-R64 with MTK7622 64 bit
BPI-R64 with POE function support
BPI-R64 with POE module (12V 3A)


The Banana Pi R64 is a router based development board, which can run on a variety of open source operating systems including OpenWrt, Android,Linux. It has 4 Gigabit LAN ports, 1 Gigabit WAN, and AC wifi AP function. use 64 bit chip design

Key Features

  • MediaTek MT7622,1.35GHZ 64 bit dual-core ARM Cortex-A53
  • Mini PCIE interface support 4G module
  • MTK7615 AC wifi on board
  • support 1 SATA interface
  • MicroSD slot supports up to 256GB expansion
  • 8G eMMC flash (option 16/32/64G)
  • 5 port 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet port
  • (1) USB 3.0
  • POE function support

Getting Start

Hardware Revision

Hardware interface

BPI-R64 interface.JPG

Hardware spec

HardWare Specification of Banana pi BPI-M2 Ultra
CPU MediaTek MT7622,1.35GHZ 64 bit dual-core ARM Cortex-A53
SATA suppoort 1 SATA interface
GPIO 40 Pins Header, 28×GPIO, some of which can be used for specific functions including UART, I2C, SPI, PWM, I2S.
On board Network 5 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
Wifi Module MTK7615 AC wifi on board
On board Storage MicroSD \(TF\) card,8GB eMMC onboard
mini PCIE 1 mini pcie interface for 4G
USB 1 USB 3.0 host
Buttons Reset button
Leds Power status Led and RJ45 Led
IR onboard IR receiver
DC Power 5V/2A with DC in
POE support POE module interface,can add POE module
Sizes 148 mm × 100.5mm
Weight 100g

BPI-R64 GPIO Pin define


Source code



Ubuntu with kernel 4.4

Ubuntu with kernel 4.14


Centos 7