BPI Zigbee BT5.0 IoT module

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Overview:BPI Zigbee BT 5.0 IoT module
Overview:BPI Zigbee BT 5.0 IoT module front
Overview:BPI Zigbee BT 5.0 IoT module back

BPI Zigbee BT5.0 IoT module use Silicom Silicon Labs’Mighty Gecko MGM12P module onboard design.

Silicon Labs’ Mighty Gecko MGM12P module integrates our EFR32MG12 Mighty Gecko SoC into a small form factor module for zigbee, Thread and Bluetooth low energy (LE) networks. With 1024 kB of Flash and 256 kB of RAM, this module is ideal for applications that require multiple protocols. Modules enable the fastest time to market and are ideal for lower volume (< 100K) applications. The fully certified modules integrate all components (Crystals, RF passives and Antenna) required for a system-level implementation of zigbee, Thread and BLE networks. With +10 dBm and +17 dBm versions, the modules can meet the WW regulatory requirements for IEEE 802.15.4 2.4 GHz used in both zigbee and Thread networks as well 2GFSK used in BLE networks.

Module Benefits

  • Built on Silicon Labs Mighty Gecko SoC family
  • Up to 122 dBm link budget
  • Internal chip antenna and external antenna (U.FL) variants
  • Provides rapid time-to-market with onboard stack, antenna and regulatory certifications
  • Supported by Silicon Labs reliable, secure and flexible mesh protocol stacks
  • Supports multi-protocol with BLE and zigbee
  • Uses same development tools as the Mighty Gecko ICs; Simplicity Studio, Energy Monitor, Packet Trace
  • Can support SoC or network co-processor architectures
  • Provides customers with an easy upgrade path to a discrete SoC design
  • Footprint compatible with MGM111 modules