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(Hardware spec)
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*infrared emission×1 (P8)
*infrared emission×1 (P8)
*infrared receiver(NEC encode)×1 (P15)
*infrared receiver(NEC encode)×1 (P15)
*RGB氛围灯(全彩1600万色)×10 (P16)
*RGB ambient lighting(Full color 16 million colors)×10 (P16)
*SR04、SR04P超声波接口(5V)×1 (Trig:P12 Echo:P14)
*SR04、SR04P Ultrasonic interface(5V)×1 (Trig:P12 Echo:P14)
*I2C interface(3.3V/5V切换)×1
*舵机专用接口 ×4 (S5 S6 S7 S8)
*Special interface for steering gear ×4 (S5 S6 S7 S8)
*IO扩展口 ×2  (P3 P4 P9 P10)
*IO extend port ×2  (P3 P4 P9 P10)
*N20金属减速电机×2 (S5 S6 S7 S8)
*N20 Metal reduction motor×2 (S5 S6 S7 S8)
*Motor reduction ratio:1:100
*Maximum motor speed:133 revolutions per minute
*Motor drive mode:PWM motor drive

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Banana PI BPI Q-Car,which is a robot focusing on maker education.Compatible with Web:Bit(BPI: Bit) and Micro:Bit development boards.Small car body, highly integrated functions, plug and play, can quickly children's attention, complete the quick start of graphics programming, cultivate independent thinking and logical thinking ability

Key Features

  • support Makecode graphical programming(with micro:bit),support Webduino graphical programming(with BPI:bit),and it also support MicroPython arduino(Micro:bit/BPI:bit)
  • Compact body, strong integrity
  • N20 Miniature reducer
  • Infrared emission, infrared reception, line patrol, speed measurement, atmosphere lamp, I2C interface (support 3.3V and 5V), ultrasonic interface, buzzer, steering gear interface, needle row expansion port, expansion screw hole, etc...Fully functional, strong expansibility
  • Easy to use it.




Hardware interface

Q-Car IO Front.png Q-Car IO Back.png

Hardware spec

  • supply voltage:3.6V~3.7V DC(3.6V~3.7V lithium battery)
  • Infrared line patrol sensor(high/low-level)×2 (P1 P2)
  • buzzer×1 (P0)
  • infrared emission×1 (P8)
  • infrared receiver(NEC encode)×1 (P15)
  • RGB ambient lighting(Full color 16 million colors)×10 (P16)
  • SR04、SR04P Ultrasonic interface(5V)×1 (Trig:P12 Echo:P14)
  • I2C interface(3.3V/5V切换)×1
  • Special interface for steering gear ×4 (S5 S6 S7 S8)
  • IO extend port ×2 (P3 P4 P9 P10)
  • N20 Metal reduction motor×2 (S5 S6 S7 S8)
  • Motor reduction ratio:1:100
  • Maximum motor speed:133 revolutions per minute
  • Motor drive mode:PWM motor drive
  • 保护盖及扩展M3螺丝孔×6
  • 编程方式:makecode图形化编程、Mind+图形化编程(Webduino)、MicroPython编程
  • 产品尺寸:宽9.77mm×长12.09mm×高1.23mm(不含micro:bit主板高度)
  • 产品重量:125.5g(不含micro:bit主板及周边配件)

GPIO PIN define

IO Define of Banana pi Q-Car
Function Web:Bit GPIO
IR-Receive P15
IR-Emission P8
I2C (Address:0x5F)
Wheel(Left) I2C(LED0 LED1)
Wheel(Right) I2C(LED2 LED3)
Line Following(Left) P2
Line Following(Right) P1
Speed Detection(Left) P11
Speed Detection(Right) P5


  • 1、车体(出厂已安装好电机和支撑轮)×1
  • 2、轮子×2
  • 3、铜柱×4
  • 4、螺丝×4
  • 5、亚克力盖板×1
  • 6、双面胶×1