BPI:bit robot expansion board

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BPI:bit robot board
BPI:bit robot board with BPI:bit
BPI:bit robot board also can use with Micro:bit

About BPI:bit robot extension board

BPI:bit robot extension board is a bpi-bit development board, which is mainly designed for smart cars and robots with bit as the core.At the same time, it also takes into account the ordinary IO extension function, which makes it convenient for users to use their imagination and create possibilities


BPI:bit robot extended board power supply

The extended edition, there are two kinds of power-supply modes, 12V/2A dc power supply and Micro USB via 5V/2A power adapter power supply

  • 1,only use the extension board IO extension function , not use instead of dc motor and servo motor, you can use 5V Micro USB power supply directly
  • 2,if you want use dc motor and servo motor, you must use must use 12V dc supply.

the BPI:bit robot extension board has (MOTOR A-MOTOR D)4 sets of 8 MOTOR controls, which Can control four dc motor forward and reverse rotation and eight dc motor one-way rotation.

At the same time, four standard servo motor interfaces are designed on the extended version to control four servo motors at the same time.The control signal of dc motor and servo motor is chip (PCA9685) extended by the IIC bus interface. The motor interface use the extended PWM interface, which does not conflict with the sensor interface,Not use BPI:bit board resource valuable digital IO interface.At the same time, IIC bus supports address selection and can be used by multiple devices simultaneously.Dc motor drive circuit is designed with TB6612 dual-h bridge drive, and servo motor is designed with optocoupler isolation circuit to ensure the safety of the extended board and BPI:bit development board. However, due to component characteristics, the rated total current of dc motor and servo motor should not exceed 2A, and the power adapter should be equipped with 12V/3A dc power supply.

Hardware interface

BPI-bit robot baord interface.JPG

schematic diagram