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(Banana Pi BPI:bit for microPython online tutorial)
(Banana Pi BPI:bit for microPython online tutorial)
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| style="background: PaleTurquoise; color: black" colspan="4"| '''Development of advanced:'''
| style="background: PaleTurquoise; color: black" colspan="4"| '''Development of advanced:'''
|  [[The basic algorithm]] || [[WiFI wireless connection||
|  [[The basic algorithm]] || [[WiFI wireless connection]]||

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Overview: BPI-Bit
BPI-UNO32 with ESP32 design
Overview: BPI:bit for Webduino


Banana Pi BPI:bit for microPython source on github

BPI:bit have full support microPyton。firmware、exploitation environment、software and wiki documtnets have update to :

code on github and support :

  • 1. Provide terminal command line operation tools
  • 2. Provide wired or wireless to operation board
  • 3. Provide Pycharm IDE development
  • 4. Provide Microbit for MicroPython function library


Banana Pi BPI:bit for microPython online tutorial

Basic board development
1 Get the development suite 2 Wired connection board 3 Try burning the board 4 Hello, World! 5 Light up all kinds of LED
Board development tools
1 Auto series one key burn 2 ESPBlocks Beginner's only 3 Mpfshell details 4 Pycharm IDE programming
Development tutorial(Based on MicroBit):
1. Panel scrolling text 2. Panel display images 3 Bottom IO port control 4 Panel key detection 5 Gets the board temperature 6 Play MIDI music
7 Photosensitive gesture 8. MPU-9250 9-axis sensor 9. Make a compass 10 Free to define gesturesl 11 Random number generator
12 S2m Scratch2 13 Codelab Scratch3
Development of advanced:
The basic algorithm WiFI wireless connection

The basic algorithm

We are now testing all micro:bit online documentation examples,we have let BPI:bit compatibility micro:bit function library,so,microPyton support for micro:bit,You can run it directly on BPI:bit.

This is BPI:Bit run:https://microbit-micropython.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tutorials/hello.html code . You can run the code directly on BPI:bit, you can see the video demo.


For more board examples, see the following url:

microbit online documents :https://microbit-micropython.readthedocs.io/en/latest/tutorials/introduction.html

microbit online simulator genuine: http://www.micropython.org.cn/pye/editor-en.html