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(Linear sensor (Track the line running))
(Color identification)
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==Color identification==
In addition to the linear sensor at the bottom, there is a color sensor, and a white light supplement light lamp. During the process, the color blocks on the ground can be identified, and the colors can be directly displayed with the magic LED, which greatly improves the fun.
底部除了循线感测器之外,还有一个颜色感测器,并搭配一白光补光灯。行进过程中能辨识地上的色块,搭配魔幻LED 将辨识到的颜色直接显现出来,趣味大提升。

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BPI:bit MoonCar
BPI:bit MoonCar
BPI:bit MoonCar
MoonCar with BPI:bit
MoonCar with Micro:bit

BPI:Bit MoonCar登月小车由Webduino 和 iCShop 合作开发,由banana Pi生产,是专门为 BPI:Bit 和 Micro:bit开发板所设计的自走车,内建巡迹功能、颜色感测、红外线发射接收与按钮,结合 Web:Bit 就能让点矩阵显示各种颜色的图案。前方保留超音波的脚位,可实作自动避障功能。透过webduino Web:Bit 教育版就能轻松实现更多有趣的控制方式!也可以配合Micro:bit 和makecode环境编程

Mooncar kit.jpg



MoonCar 配置两个微型金属马达以及一颗辅助轮,相较于搭配塑胶齿轮箱的马达有较好的品质与耐用性。辅助轮特别选用非金属材质,行进时可减少因与地面敲击产生之杂音。

01.-motor-1024x500 - en.png

IR 红外控制

MoonCar 前方配有一对红外线发射与接收,可透过一般红外线遥控器对其下达指令。红外线发射器则可以透过发送讯息与其他MoonCar 沟通,使得可玩性大大增加喔。

02.-IR-1024x500 - en.png


在MoonCar 的右侧有一颗无源蜂鸣器,可以透过程式产生不同声音,像是电子琴或是警报声、手机铃声。怡可自行编辑由不同音符与休止符所产生的语句,让MoonCar 听起来就像说话一般喔。

03.-buzzer-1024x500 -en.png


MoonCar 周围分布了共八颗RGB LED 灯,此LED 是采用WS2812 ,使用程式即可轻松控制想要点亮的LED或是调整亮度。预设栏内没有想要的颜色吗?您可透过自行调整R、G、B 三个通道的占比来混合出自己想要的颜色。

04.-RGB-1024x500 - en.png


MoonCar 底部设有循线感测器,透过红外线反射使的能沿著黑线或白线移动。左右各一颗能侦测在黑线上移动时的出界方向。

05.-track-1024x500 - en.png


底部除了循线感测器之外,还有一个颜色感测器,并搭配一白光补光灯。行进过程中能辨识地上的色块,搭配魔幻LED 将辨识到的颜色直接显现出来,趣味大提升。

06.-color-1024x500 - en.png

Expansion function

The front section is equipped with a set of ultrasound (4 pin) and I2C slot, and the left and right position of the middle section is equipped with 2×12 rows of pins, which pull out all the micro:bit foot positions, so that users can add functions at will. The latter section is used to expand the battery connection plate.

07.-exother-1024x500 - en.png

Considerate design

The biggest feature of MoonCar is that it can be used in the two main control boards of Web:Bit and micro: Bit. Because the foot position of the two motherboards is different, there is a switch on the right side to optimize the motherboard.

The left switch can switch the power supply voltage of the extended row of pins and slots, whether it is connected to a common 5V sensor or to a 3.3v module such as RFID, it can be used safely with a slight switch.

08.-change-1024x500 - en.png

The lower left part has a charging indicator, which displays a red light when charging and a green light when full. Micro USB port can connect USB cable to charge lithium battery.

09.-charge-1024x500 -en.png


In this module we learned about MoonCar, and in the next module we'll start teaching you how to program our MoonCar to move around and explore. See the complete comparison diagram below for details on the sections and associated pins in this chapter.

All for moon car.jpg


Use with BPI:bit

Use with Micro:bit

Sourcode on github

Mooncar project : https://github.com/iCShopMgr/MoonCar