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(BPI:UNO32 hardware)
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= BPI:UNO32 hardware =
= BPI:UNO32 hardware =
==BPI:UNO32 hardware description ==
==BPI:UNO32 interface==
==BPI:UNO32 interface==
==BPI:UNO32 Spec ==
= BPI-UNO32 software =
= BPI-UNO32 software =

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The BPI:UNO32 (also referred to as BPI-UNO32, stylised as BPI UNO32) is an ESP32 with Xtensa 32bit LX6 single/dual-core processor based embedded system. support Webduino and arduino function.

BPI-UNO32 uses the ESP-WROOM-32 of espressif company as MCU. ESP32 is a single-chip solution integrating 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dual mode. The 40 nanometer technology of TSMC has the best power consumption, RF performance, stability, versatility and reliability. It can deal with various application scenarios.

BPI:UNO32 hardware

BPI:UNO32 interface

BPI:UNO32 Spec

BPI-UNO32 software

BPI:UNO32 for Arduino

BPI:UNO32 for arduino Source code on Github: https://github.com/yelvlab/BPI-BIT