5 Get the city weather

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The development of preparation

  • 1. First, ensure the integrity of the current firmware dependency package
  • The effect is shown below. If you do not have two dependency packages on the diagram, please burn the latest firmware.

Prepare the weather API

"city": "荆州",
"cityid": "101200801",
"img1": "n7.gif",
"img2": "d2.gif",
"ptime": "18:00",
"temp1": "16℃",
"temp2": "23℃",
"weather": "小雨转阴"

We can analyze these json files and write an example like this

example analyse

import urequests
from microbit import * 

def get_weather():
	url = "http://www.weather.com.cn/data/cityinfo/101200801.html"
	rsp = urequests.get(url)
	data = eval(rsp.text) # eval函数用于把字符串类型的json数据->转为python的字典类型
	weather = data["weatherinfo"]
	L = weather["temp1"] #最低温
	H = weather["temp2"] #最高温
	return "L:" + L[:-1] + " H:" + H[:-1] # 数据样例->  L:16 H:23


# L[:-1] H[:-1]去掉℃和℉两个特殊符号,否则会出现编码错误