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==WiFi support==
==WiFi 支持==
not design wifi onboard. but easy to add wifi support onboard via PCIe wifi card.
机上没有设计wifi。但是很容易通过PCIe wifi卡添加wifi支持。
we also design a [[BPI-MT7615 802.11 ac wifi 4x4 dual-band module]] for this board. and test all driver on this .
我们还设计了一个[[BPI-MT7615 802.11 ac wifi 4x4双频模块]]。测试所有的驱动程序。
==Pin define for IoT==
==Pin define for IoT==

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MT7622 for 3G/4G/5G Converged communication router
MT7622 for 3G/4G/5G Converged communication router
Case design
1U standard Case design


随着5G产业化的热潮,5G的应用场景越来越多,为了配合5G的产业化的发展,广东比派科有限公司技深圳小草科技联合开发5G融合通信网关。产品支持标准5G应用,并支持多达4路4G LTE通信模块,并采用小草科技自主研发的4G多路聚合协议。支持4G聚合应用,可以多路聚合传送高清视频 。并支持5个千兆网口,支持BPI-MT7615 802.11 ac wifi无线 4x4双频模块. 产品完整实现5G, 4G, 千兆有线网络,5.8g wifi无线融合应用。

硬件基于香蕉派 BPI-R64开发板开发,产品采用MTK7622 四核64位A53芯片设计,主频达到1.35G. 板载1-2g DDR内存,8g eMMC存储。可以支持OpenWRT,Linux,Android操作系统,深度定制小草科技的融合通信软件平台。提供完整的融合通信,多链路通信解决方案。并且支持IoT扩展板。自由加入IoT应用。


  • 联发科(MediaTek) MT7622,1.35GHZ 64 bit dual-core ARM Cortex-A53
  • 1个标准5G接口,采用 M.2 inerface USB 3.0 和 PCIe bus.支持Simcom 和移远5G模块
  • 4个4G LTE PCIe模块接口,SIM 卡坐接口, 支持OpenMPTCProuter 多卡聚合(多路聚合,弱网聚合).
  • 1个千兆WAN,4个千兆LAN有线网口. 支持VPN专网,路由,防火墙功能.
  • 802.11 ac wifi无线 4x4双频模块(PCIe接口)
  • IoT扩展应用,26 个 GPIO定义,自由扩展IoT应用
  • (1-2)G DDR内存 and 8G eMMC存储
  • M.2 key B 接口

PCBA 硬件接口示意

BPI-R64 4g 3.JPG

BPI-R64 4g 4.jpg

5G 接口

我们已经设计了5G接口,所以很容易添加5G模块来支持5G应用。还增加了标准的5G sim插槽。

4G 接口

  • 硬件设计在4个4G LTE模块接口,支持PCIe接口4G模块。如果不使用wifi AC模块,可以支持5个4G模块,所以可以用它做很多4G应用。
  • 支持MPTCP协议,我们在这个板上开发了OpenMPTCPRouter。支持4G多路聚合,使用4个4G通道传输大数据或高清视频。
  • 支持不同运营商的4G卡,当4G信号不稳定时自动切换到其他运营商,以保证通信质量(QOS)

WiFi 支持

机上没有设计wifi。但是很容易通过PCIe wifi卡添加wifi支持。

我们还设计了一个BPI-MT7615 802.11 ac wifi 4x4双频模块。测试所有的驱动程序。

Pin define for IoT

this board have 26 PIN define on board. easy to add IoT module for IoT application.

easy to support zigbee,NB-IoT,LoRA,Z-Wave.....

Software support

Product application direction

it can be applied to communication vehicles, command vehicles, smart police cars, medical rescue vehicles, engineering and emergency vehicles (water, electricity, gas, fire trucks, etc.), cargo transport and passenger vehicles, high-speed rail, mobile finance and other scenarios.

5G gateway 1.jpg

product feature

  • 1. G high-speed access, 5G technology has higher throughput, providing a higher possibility for the Internet of everything, real-time.
  • 2. 4g Multiple Merges support, network speed guarantee: multi-channel cable, 4-channel 4G wireless link can be aggregated to form a high-speed, stable and safe high-capacity upstream and downstream channel. Support 4G wireless network mixing of all mobile/unicom/telecom operators, and support dedicated line /DAL cable link and satellite link.
  • 3. High stability and convenience: the data transmitted by the front end can better optimize and configure the load of the links, so as to effectively avoid the link congestion caused by blind data transmission, maximize the use of all available channels, and form a stable communication link.
  • 4. High security: after the original data is unpacked and encrypted by the fusion device, it is sent to the server through different channels. The load of each link is dynamically adjusted according to the communication capacity of each channel. The terminal and server are also equipped with VPN to protect the data up to 4 times.
  • 5. Industrial-grade AP access: industrial-grade AP module is built in the device, suitable for WIFI device access/bridge and other scenarios in various environments.
  • 6. Enrich the IoT extension interface,support Zigbee,Z-Wave,NB-IoT,LoRA,PLC....


this board support 4-5 4G LTE module, It can be used for two applications:

1,support MPTCP protocol ,we have development OpenMPTCPRouter on this board.you support 4G mulcal polymerization,Use 4 4G channels to transmit big data or hd video

2018-10-12 update, OpenMPTCProuter use MultiPath TCP (MPTCP) to aggregate multiple Internet connections and OpenWrt. and have official support BPI-R2. we also have test it on BPI-R64 and this board. the 4 4G LTE port have support OpenMPTCPRouter protocol

image download:https://www.openmptcprouter.com/download

source code on github:https://github.com/Ysurac/openmptcprouter

forum pthread:


2,It can support 4G CARDS of different operators, and automatically switch to another operator when the 4G signal is not stable, so as to guarantee the communication quality(QOS).

Support System

  • 1,OpenWRT
  • 2,Linux

cooperative partner