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==Hardware spec==
==Hardware interface==
==Hardware interface==

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BPI 10.1 HDMI touch panel

this module have HDMI interface on baord ,so it support BPI-M1,BPI-M1+,BPI-M2,BPI-M3,BPI-M64,BPI-M2U,BPI-M2B BPI-R1.

BPI 10.1 HDMI screen 1.JPG


Hardware spec

Hardware interface


BPI 10.1 HDMI screen 2.JPG

BPI 10.1 touch panel support HDMI interface

BPI 10.1 HDMI screen 13.JPG

cable line


How to use

we have finished all Banana pi boards driver , it support Android,Linux and windows.

BPI 10.1 HDMI screen 4.JPG

banana pi BPI-10 1 HDMI touch screen demo with Linux:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4OKR4vj1Ow&feature=youtu.be