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What is Webduino

Webduino = WebComponents + Arduino


Webduino working model

  • 1 use WebComponents integration Breakout.
  • 2 use WebSocket(Firmata) to interacting with the server.
  • 3 Server use TCP/IP(Firmata) to control webduino terminal.

Webduino 1.png

Webduino project VS Arduino and micro:bit project

Webduino project VS Arduino and micro:bit project
item compared Webduino Arduino Micro:bit
development language HTML/JavaScript C/C++ Python/JavaScript
development environment WEB browser Arduino IDE JavaScript Blocks
Simulator Webduino Simulator Third-party support Microsoft MakeCode
graphical programming Wbduino blockly Third-party Scratch Blockly
Cloud Server webduino cloud N/A N/A
attended mode WiFi USB USB
Update the program web online update USB burn USB disk

Webduino Blockly and simulator

  • Webduino Blockly and simulator

Blockly en wiki .png
  • Quick start BPI:bit with Webduino Blockly and simulator

Webduino Cloud

Webduino cloud platform provides your complete Internet of things services. You can update and operate various iot devices through platform management.

Webduino OTA Cloud upgrade

BPI:bit for webduino support OTA cloud upgrade , it is easy to use this function to update newest version.

power on bit ,Press the A button when flash white light, unpress A booton when when the green light is on, so start to update.

Webduino ota.jpg

Webduino firmware programming

How to : Webduino firmware programming

Online tutorials